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Solo Travel: Hotel vs Hostel


Why should you stay at a hotel? Or why should you stay in a Hostel? What are the differences? Let’s find out together!


Both options will cost money, there is no doubt for that, and everybody has a budget, but what kind of budget do you have?

Hostels are cheap hotels where you can opt in for a solo room, but you can save a lot of money by sleeping with multiple people in the same room. But you will not have any privacy. You will hear people snore, people will come in the room late at night after drinking a lot, people will do intimate things. If you ask your friend who always goes to hostels, he will have some stories to tell. But it is dirt cheap, so if you are willing to give away some privacy to save money then a Hostel is perfect!

A hotel is the more luxurious option. It costs a lot more money to stay per night, sometimes even 10 times the price you can stay at a hostel. But you will have your own room with nobody in it but yourself.


Hostels are not known as the safest places in the world. Because you will be with a lot of people who you don’t know you might get robbed. But you can also get robbed in the streets. Some Hostels will give you a little compartment you can lock for your personal stuff. Some even have lockers where you can put your luggage in for an extra price.

Hotels have less safety concerns, you will have a hotel room key that only you and the maids can use. A lot of people are scared that when a maid comes into your room that they will steal your stuff. I don’t agree with that. They are working hard to earn their money every single day and they won’t just take stuff risking their job. Does that mean that it doesn’t happen at all? I won’t say that, because it does happen, but you also have a safe where you can store all your stuff in. Don’t be stupid and leave your money on your bed. Use the options you have.


Hostels are a better way to socialize with other people. Like minded travelers are there for the same reason as you. Maybe they are with more people, maybe they are solo like you. A lot of Hostels have common rooms where you can hang out with like-minded travelers, maybe even make friends there to travel with!

Hotels are a lot more closed off, in most hotels you do have a bar where you can get a drink or eat something. Some even have restaurants. But it’s not meant to be a hub to meet people. To really meet people at a hotel you need to be on your socializing A game, but keep being respectful to other guests, don’t become a stalker.

Sometimes you will see beautiful woman in a Hotel lounge, they of course can be guests themself, but sometimes they might be Sex Workers. Be carefull who you bring up to your room with you, and be sure to check what the hotels policy is!


Most Hostels are a bit from the city center of a city, or even in a very much remote place. The cheaper the Hostel, the cheaper the location. If you do have to save on money a remote place can be something good. I know that here in The Netherlands you can rent bikes at Hostels, so you’ll stay mobile even being far from the action.

Hotels are where the action is, the more expensive, the more action there is to be had.
Most Hotels will make sure you can jump right into action whenever you want, you need a taxi? No problem, one will be called for you! A lot of bars tend to be close to hotels, because they know that you will want to get a drink after hours and have fun!


Decide what you want based on your wallet and how you want to travel. It’s good to know your budget beforehand, don’t overspend, but also be comfortable with your decisions!