Solo Travel: Life Changing Experience

Ever since my first solo trip I’m always thinking of that next special solo trip I want to do. I could write a book with all the ideas I have for my next adventures.
And it’s true what people write about Solo Travel, you will become a different person, it literally is a life changing experience. Let’s find out why.

“If it ain’t scary, it ain’t worth it”

Getting over the fear

If you finally have decided you want to go on your first solo trip, you have set a huge step into the solo travel world. You are not alone, I don’t think anyone ever has said that it’s the easiest decision in their lives to be on their own for some amount of time.

But my life motto is: “if it ain’t scary, it ain’t worth it”. So get out of that trench and face the world head on! What is the worst that you can experience? loneliness? Be open to adventure and you will never be lonely. Do you want to go home early? Why not! Just go home then. But my advice is to soldier trough and keep pushing on.

How it changed me

I’ve always been a very closed person, a real introvert. But solo travel taught me to step to people and talk to them. I need to know the route to somewhere? Just ask someone local. They won’t scream at you, or laugh at you. Most people are really helpful.

So Solo Travel taught me to come out of my shell and face my fears, but it also taught me that people aren’t that bad at all. For me that is a huge transition.

After my first trip I went to the movie theater solo, I went to restaurants solo, I did so much more solo! I didn’t like to wait for friends to say: “Let’s go do this” because I wanted to do stuff, but they wouldn’t.

On my latest Solo Trip, I went to Disneyland Paris, I asked friends and they were excited at first, untill the planning started. They realised how much money it would be and chickened out. I can understand that the costs of traveling can be a bit much. But if I would have waited for my friends I wouldn’t have had this amazing adventure!

I had decided that I wanted to be on my own the whole trip, I didn’t go out to meet new people, but it was perfect for what I needed at that moment. On my next Solo Disney Trip I would go to bars and I would step up to people. But that’s the fun part, you don’t have to!

Solo Traveling will change you too!

The moment you are on your own you will know that you will have to do everything by yourself, and it will make you make decisions that others wouldn’t alow you to make. And that’s ok if you can’t always have everything the way you want it to, because you will be with more people. But the moment you can decide everything yourself you will feel some kind of freedom coming over you that you have never felt before.

It will make you come out of your shell and talk to people. It will alow you to be who you want to be. It will make you a better person in the end.

You will take more selfies because why not? Do you want to make 100 photo’s at this landmark and make sure you look super cute? Why not? You are the person who chooses what you do! Do you want to take a nap everyday around noon when it’s the hottest? Go do it! Do you want to have an off day and stay in bed eating pizza? Go do it!


People might say that you are weird to go alone, but in the end a lot of people would kill to be brave enough to make this decision. Why listen to the negativity? Why should you be influenced by others because they want to imprint their opinion on you?
You are not weird because you want to travel solo, you are adventurous because you want to travel solo!

Next Trip

I know that when you are back home that you will want to plan for your next trip right away. It has the same kind of addiction like with Tattoo’s, you will want another experience! It is a very healthy and fun addiction to have, and one that I would love to do more often and write about my experiences!


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