Solo Cruise: Which Cruise To Choose?

When deciding you want to do a cruise you will find out that there are a lot of different cruise lines, and they are all different so which one to choose?

Cruise Liners

In this blog I want to focus on three very different cruise lines.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is a pretty solid Caribbean cruise liner, but they also do cruises elsewhere than the caribbean. Their focus is more on luxury and relaxing than partying and action. Does that mean that this doesn’t have any partying? Oh no, they still party every night like everyone does, but it doesn’t attract young people in their 20’s that much compared to other cruises.
This cruise liner is excellent for solo single travelers, you will meet other solo cruisers easily and they do an effort to get like-minded travelers together.
If you want a total relaxing vacation, this one is to be chosen.

Carnival Cruises

Carnival cruises are what their name suggests, it’s big old party! Younger people tend to go to this cruise liner more often than the other cruises. They also tend to be cheaper, but not much cheaper than Royal Caribbean. They are really a party cruise liner, and if this is your thing then you have found your perfect vacation!
They do cruises all over the year, but I would suspect that the summer will be where this cruise liner really shines. But if you go in the off-season in the spring or fall you should have an amazing experience aswell!

Disney Cruises

Disney cruises are known to be fun for the whole family, but they are also excellent for solo travelers. With their adult only restaurants and other sections you can still enjoy a magical vacation without having kids around you 24/7.
This is the most expensive of them all, but for a reason. Disney Cruises are known to be the ultimate vacation cruise liner. You want fun? You got it! You want relaxation? You got it! You want broadway style shows? Oh man you are in for a treat!
Disney makes it their mission to get like-minded travelers together so you will have an amazing experience. If you can spend more, I would suggest picking this one. But having a very much Disney heavy blog, I might be a bit biased!


It doesn’t matter who you are, there is a cruise for you. These are just 3 of the bigger cruise liners, but there are many more! I hope this blog helped you a bit by choosing a cruise liner, but make sure to do more research yourself!
Go have the vacation of your dreams!


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