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Solo Cruise: Alcohol


When you go partying on a cruise you might go all out on alcohol, but is that also included in the price? Is it wise to get drunk on a cruise?

Know your limit

When you go drinking on a cruise, the alcohol will be extra, meaning that it will not be included in your all-inclusive package. So drinking a lot will bring your tab to great heights. So know your limit.
But also another limit to know is, how drunk you should get. Drinking can be a lot of fun, but it can also be annoying to others. Imagine you walking there with your kids and all of a sudden a drunken A-hole wants to annoy or harass you. You wouldn’t want your kids to have such kind of experience. So don’t do it to others.

The ship is really save with falling off, but being drunk you might do things that are outside the bounds of safety. Maybe you want to reenact the Titanic scene and you fall off the side of the ship. Normally that is already a very dangerous act that might get you killed, but being drunk makes that at least 200% more dangerous.

Trow him in the brig

Some people get aggressive while they are drunk, and yes Cruise ships have a brig. Cruise jail as some would call it. When you are so out that you want to attack people, you will be thrown in Cruise jail and you will be handed off to the authorities in the next port. Not only can you not enjoy your cruise anymore, you might be stuck for a long time on an island far away from home.


Alcohol can be very fun, but know your limits, your budget and if you want to be thrown in jail. My advice, just drink a couple and stay a bit sober. You are on a luxurious vacation, act like it.