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Solo Cruise: Restaurants


What kind of restaurants can you expect while traveling aboard a cruise ship? What kind of food can you expect? And is Cruise ship food any good?

When I first traveled with a cruise ship I had no idea what to expect. My parents did tell me a bit from their cruises more than 2 decades previous, but being the teenager that I was I didn’t really listen. I didn’t know what to pack, I didn’t know if I had to go fancy.
So alow me to tell you about it!


When you have breakfast you go to the Quick Service restaurants and you can collect your food there. This sounds way less fancy than it is. It’s basically an all you can eat restaurant with enough food to last you a year. And if something is depleted, they will serve more. The amount of food present is amazing and people tend to just shove their plates with as much food as they can.

Breakfast is basically a continental breakfast with everything you can think off. From pancakes to sausages, cereal to yoghurt. Anything that strikes your fancy!

I remember one trip on the mediterranean where I woke up when we were in Istanbul, walked to the breakfast restaurant while being really sleepy, collected some food, sat down with my parents. And then I took a look outside…atleast 30 minarets (the Mosque towers) on a hill scattered. This was one of the most impressive sights I had ever seen. And just because of that this cruise will always have a special place in my heart.


Lunch is served in the same restaurant as breakfast but with different food items. It also has the all you can eat standard. They like to theme the food to where you travel, so everyday you get different kind of food.

Afternoon Tea Time

Yes, cruises mostly also do Tea Time where they have all kinds of tea and coffee, but also do the most amazing cupcakes and other sweet and awesome pastries.

Dinner Time

Dinner time is much more fancy than your average dinner. You get seated in a huge restaurant with fancy decor and tables. But you don’t need to go in full black tie, but put something nice on. You are there to enjoy yourself and if you walk up in your shorts and flip-flops they might tell you to change.

Your waiter will be the same during your whole trip and even if you change restaurants on a Disney cruise line, your waiter will go with you.
If you are seated with other people at your table, they will move with you aswell.

Captains Dinner

With some cruises you get a Captains dinner where the captain will be there, walking around, talking to people. Theses are considered more of the black tie events, and in most cruises you must be selected or have special access to these events.

Not a person for a fancy dinner?

No worries! You can still chose to eat somewhere else. The other restaurants are still open and you can get something else. Want to eat in your room? Just call room service (extra fees may apply there). But I would suggest going to the fancy dinner, because one, you paid for it, and two, it’s something you won’t get anywhere else!

Late Night Food

One of the most awesome things about cruises is the late night food. This is however mostly junk food.
Imagine you being the party animal that you are and you drank a lot, you got a huge buffet of junk food waiting for you! Go get that pizza, go get that hot dog! Oh and the ice cream! It’s really impressive for a 3 am snack!


Cruise ship food is amazing! It’s an experience, something you must have done once in your lifetime!