Solo Travel: Bluetooth headsets

I’ve been the biggest nay sayer of bluetooth devices. For over a decade it has been really bad, but it seems that the technology finally has improved. So how can you benefit from it while traveling?


When I bought my sennheiser bluetooth headset, the first thing I noticed was total freedom. No more tangled wires, no more cable breakage.

I’ve been switching my headset between my phone and chromebook a lot and to be honest it’s as easy, or maybe easier, than plugging in a wire.

Solo Travel Benefits

So how can you benefit from this technology as a solo traveler?

Because it is easy to use it is one less annoying thing in your day. I would suggest to get headphones rather than earplugs because while traveling you can benefit from not getting overwhelmed by sounds around you.

The 25 hour lifetime charge that my headset has is also really beneficial while traveling, because if you have a 12+ hour flight, you dont have to worry about needing it to charge.


One of the biggest downsides is the price. Yes there are 50 bucks headsets but they aren’t really good in sound or have short battery lifetime. Mine was a 88 euro Sennheiser and it is amazing, although for the price I expected more bang for my buck.

Battery lifetime can be a problem too. Because it has a battery it can mean that overtime the battery lifetime can decrease. How fast that will set in? I have no experience yet, but my guess would be after 2 years of heavy usage.


Is it worth spending extra cash on a bluetooth headset? I would say, yes, yes most defenitly. Should you pay 200-300 dollars for a beats by dre? No! Go with sennheiser instead or Bose. You will thank me later for saving you money for better quality!


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