Disneyland Paris Day One: Traveling

The first day of course starts with traveling to Disneyland Paris. For this trip I decided to fly to Paris and then take the DLP (Disneyland Paris) magical express to the hotel!


I was flying at 9 am but I decided to be there at 6 am just to be sure for when it became incredibly busy like it tends to be around that time at Schiphol Airport. That’s the benefit of working at an airport, you actually know how busy it will be at what times.

I already did an online check in the days before the trip, so when I said my goodbyes to my mom I walked straight trough to security with my cabin ready suitcase rolling behind me. Because I was too early I had a fairly quick security check and because of my daily experience of airport checks I had no problems and could basically stroll trough.

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I had not eaten any breakfast yet, so because I had 3 hours to spare I decided to check out some of the food places. I work in the international lounge, but this was in the Schengen lounge, where security is lower. So it was fun to discover some new places to eat and a whole new lounge!

But before anything, music! I like to believe that you can use your own soundtrack of life while traveling to make your trip even better! So I put on my headphones and cranked up the volume! Putting on some The Scarred, the band of my favorite YouTuber Justin Scarred.

Know where to go to

I’ve learned from my parents that it is extremely important where your gate is in case you need to run to your gate when you forget time or anything else.
I needed to be at gate A7 and I noticed that it was quite a walk, so duly noted, I need time to get back there!


Airport food is expensive, everything airport is expensive. I mean you are going on a holiday so you can pay for it anyway right? But you can still get some more budget kind of food at airports anyway with fast food options. But being the solo traveler like I am, I like a little bit more luxury, so I went to La Place, a famous food place in The Netherlands where they serve awesome bread related food and juices.
I mean a sandwich for 7 euro’s (8 dollars) is quite expensive, but man it was fresh! I rather spend a little bit more and get more bang for my buck.

Entertaining myself

While waiting and eating I decided to watch some Justin Scarred from when he went to Disneyland Paris to get myself excited, and the time flew by. I didn’t even notice that 2 business men were sitting beside me by now working on their laptops and looking very important and busy. Why am I saying something like this? I noticed that I was in my own little world at the airport and that was something really positive for me. First time I traveled solo I freaked out and needed to go to a bar to calm my nerves. So I already knew that this trip would be awesome, because my state of mind was correct!

You can only sit so long at a restaurant before you want a change of scene, so I decided to find an awesome lounge chair that I knew Schiphol Airport would have. After some searching I found an unoccupied one and I decided to plant my butt on it and wait the last hour with some awesome YouTube videos.

Gate time

In the weeks before my departure I decided to upgrade my seat to the front of the plane where there was a bit more leg space. a 15 euro upgrade I was more than willing to make. So I didn’t need to worry about the line to the airplane, because I knew I just had to get in and turn right at the first row.

So arriving at the gate I wasn’t too worried about the long line that already formed. So I just stood back in line and waited until they checked my ticket.

I traveled with Transavia, a more price fighting budget airline than most airliners flying from Schiphol Airport, so I knew that I would basically be in a flying bus. But the price that they sold the ticket for was more than worth it!

I sat in a pretty comfortable seat, and I was so happy that I did the 15 euro upgrade because the other seats looked like it was designed for short people, and the bit of extra room was not something bad!

After a little more than an hour we arrived at Orly Airport, Paris. I’ve got to say that it’s a pretty good smaller airport, being used to Schiphol Airport it was a bit of a search where everything was, but with some pro active asking people where what was, I could find my way to the Magical Express.

Magical Express

The Disneyland Paris bus service called Magical Express is a paid shuttle service to the hotels with a price of 25 euro’s a trip. I came to find out that it was less magical than expected. The first bus was broken down and the driver didn’t speak any english, so with the help from a french speaking tourist we could find out that the next bus was coming, but it might take an hour. It’s an hour drive to the parks, so that was not something you wanted to hear! But luckily 15 minutes later another bus arrived, this one could drive, but the ticketing system was broken.
This was not what I was expecting from a company like Disney, although it was still a franchise back then. But after some time the driver told us to come in and we didn’t need to scan our tickets.

A bit annoyed we started the trip to the most magical place in Europe. I was however excited to be back once again!

The next blog of this trip report will be about checking into the hotel, so stay tuned!


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