Disneyland Paris Solo Trip 2017 Summary

In 2017 I had 2 trips to the most magical place in Europe, Disneyland Paris.
Just in the outskirts of Paris the magical place called Disney set it routs back in 1992 and it is still as alive as the day it started.

My first trip was with my mom and her boyfriend for 5 days of Disney fun, but this is not what this trip report will be about. Although it had an important decision right then and there. My mom and her boyfriend wanted to go to Paris and invited me along. But I decided to go to Disneyland Paris all by myself, as solo as it could be!

So a couple of months later in June I embarked on my first solo trip to Disneyland Paris.
In the next couple of blogs I will explain my experiences, and why you should consider this aswell!


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