Solo Travel: Dealing with loneliness

When you travel solo you might feel lonely from time to time, and that’s not something bad, it will make experiences with others even better. But how can you deal with it?

Feeling Lonely

Whenever you feel lonely think of why you feel lonely. Did you expect to have people around you at all times? Did you expect your hostel room mates to be with you trough your whole experience?
If you answer these questions with a firm yes, then solo travel might not be for you. Don’t expect any movie magic to happen during your solo trip, but set expectation accordingly.
Ask yourself why you feel so lonely, and then think of how to fix it.

Open up

When you open yourself up to other people, people will talk to you easier than when you decide you don’t want any engagements with other people.
When you are in a restaurant go get a chat with your server, you might get some awesome conversations. Or even tips on what to do tomorrow that turn out to be an amazing experience!

If you are sitting at a bar, do some people watching. If you look around you notice people, but you are also getting noticed. I’ve had many great experiences with random people at bars, no not one night stands but conversations. Notice what people are talking about and maybe you can cut in, respectfully, and start a conversation with those people.

Hotel loneliness

Hotels are places where you might feel incredibly lonely. It’s a place to relax and when you relax you start thinking. Instead of thinking how lonely you are, start thinking on what to do to make your solo trip epic.

Should you leave your hotel room and get into that bar that is totally your thing? Why are you still thinking about it? Do it! If you get tired you can still go back to your room. Should you take a stroll outside? Well if it’s not raining, of course! Maybe you will find this awesome spot where people are hanging out!

Keeping your head occupied

If you keep your head occupied, you don’t over think. If you don’t overthink, you won’t get lonely. But you do need to be proactive. Nothing will just come, you have to work for it. Maybe do some research on where you are going next, or what is there to do.
If you start thinking you will start feeling lonely, start feeling lonely and there you go down the rabbit hole.
Go look at the awesome photo’s you have taken, and start making memories. There’s nothing bad about dwelling on the past, but only if it’s about awesome moments!

Social Media

When you use social media on your solo trip, you will get a lot of messages from people how they are so jealous on what you are doing. Because solo travel is something everyone would love to try but don’t dare it.
Share your photo’s, share your stories and people will read them and talk to you about it.
But don’t be the 90’s mom and make people see all your holiday photo’s and expect them to love it, because nobody is waiting for an hour slide show of you on your holiday.
Chose the best ones and the ones you truly love!


There is no need to feel lonely, there’s only opportunity for greatness! So go out there and travel the world! Go have awesome experiences. But don’t be scared to be alone, because there is nothing to be scared about.


2 thoughts on “Solo Travel: Dealing with loneliness

    1. Thank you so much! The reason why I made this is because I have felt so lonely myself, but learned how to cope with it, so I thought others might enjoy reading this 🙂

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