Solo Travel: Power banks

Power banks are the batteries of today, but are they handy for solo travel? My short answer has to be a resounding yes!

Out of power

Nothing is worse than being out of power during your trip, especially when you need it the most! Maybe you need to find your way back to your hotel, or maybe you are lost in the woods. You will need your phone. So a Power Bank or Portable USB Charger can be super handy!


Charge everything!

Almost every bluetooth or computer like device nowadays can be charged using a USB Charger or Power bank. If you have an awesome set of bluetooth headset, you can even charge it while you listen to it.
But how are you going to charge your power bank you may ask? Well, easy enough you plug it into the wall and it charges. Most even have fast charge capabilities so you don’t need to wait 4 hours for a full charge.

Just make sure that you have a power converter if you travel abroad to a place that uses different power plugs.


I once saw a girl jam in an American plug into a european socket and I have no idea how it didn’t catch fire or explode. She had never heard of power converters before and why you need it. So make sure if you travel abroad that you know what kind of converter you need.

USB Ports

A lot of newer hotels or refurbished hotels now have USB ports in the wall so you can charge your phone and other devices without the need of a converter. This is a very welcomed change because it saves some space in your luggage.
Just know that if you have a fast charger that plugs into the wall that the USB port won’t be the fast charge option, but if you plug it into the wall when you sleep it should be done by the time you wake up.


You will need a power bank while traveling. Just go out there and buy a cheap one and see for yourself. Sometimes I forget to charge my phone while at work and I’d be stuck with a dead phone on my 45 minute commute back home, but with my power bank I can use my phone anywhere. Just don’t forget to charge your power bank first!


2 thoughts on “Solo Travel: Power banks

    1. To be honest mine is a dirt cheap one from Primark. It was like 12 euros and even for that price it is a fast charging device that even features a flashlight.
      However if you have to be sure you can sustain a battery for more than an hour go look at big brand names with actual battery life on it. Never go cheap if you have to rely on it!

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