Solo Travel: Depression

I think everyone has some form of depression. Not knowing who you are, not knowing what to do with your life. Feeling like you can’t get out of bed.
Will Solo Travel be the solution to your depression?

Short answer: no, it will not. But solo travel might be something you need to feel better about yourself and your situation.

Grass is greener

One of the advice of when you want to migrate to another country that keeps coming back is that your problems won’t solve themself if you run away to another country. The same advice stands with solo travel.

Ask yourself, why are you feeling like this? Why can’t you change your situation? Ask all the why questions and work from there.

It might seem that living on this paradise island will be the solution because the grass is greener over there. But being lonely on an island is still being lonely. Not getting further on that island is still not getting further in life. Being scared that nobody will love you because you don’t love yourself will still be the same on that island.

Self Evaluation

Before you go traveling by yourself ask yourself how you can love yourself, how this will change your life and you won’t get into the same situation when you go back home.
Yes it is amazing to be traveling the world, and you will make great memories. But if your situation at home isn’t good, you will be in a much worse state at home.

I want you to look at your old pictures and see a couple of things you like about yourself back then. Do you like your smile? Your eyes? The way you were silly back then?
Now go to a mirror, I want you to make yourself that old person while smiling, do something crazy, analyze yourself.
Yes it is easy to think you are not worth it, but here’s the thing, you need to make yourself worth it. Make yourself a better person!

Social Media

One of the things I’m using to feel better about myself is Social Media. I try to post a selfie on Instagram every couple of days, and make it a picture that I think: “That guy actually looks great!”. No, don’t Photoshop your picture to an alien like figure, do some easy edits with color, and then post it.
I don’t have a lot of pictures of myself from the last 12 years, I hated pictures and how I looked in them, but that was because I wasn’t happy with myself. Now 12 years later, I actually like taking pictures again. But now I know that if my future kids want to see pictures of me from my 20’s I won’t have a lot to show them, but I’m making a comeback!

Go on that trip!

Now it might seem that I’m saying don’t go on that trip because of your depression. I’m encouraging you to make yourself that awesome person that you know you can be. Yes, you are an awesome person worth everything in the world, but you need to work for it.

Ok, you are ready for that trip? Go for it! Just do it! You will transform in an even better person when you come back. People will see that you are a new version of yourself. A 2.0 version that makes them want to be you!


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