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Disneyland Paris Day One: Hotel Check in

After about an hour in the (not so) Magical Express, we arrived at the beautiful Sequoia Lodge. Even though I’m not that positive about the Magical Express, I am very happy that they dropped me off at the door at the hotel. It would have been more of a hassle when traveling by train back then.

Checking In

When you go into the main building you right away hear the Disney Music, you smell pine trees, you feel like you are on vacation.

Sequoia Lodge is a moderate hotel in Disneyland Paris and it is just beautiful!
Everywhere you look, you see thick dark wood as if you just walked into a Canadian lodge. The check in also give a very much lodge feeling.
At the start of the line for check in there was a very friendly cast member who loved to greet people, she was shining with Disney friendliness. She asked me how I was doing today and where I was from. With that information she decided that it was best if I had a Dutch speaking cast member to check me in. I tried to tell her that I’d be fine with any English-speaking castmember, but there was a Dutch castmember present, so that’s what I would get.

Out of a cast member area door came an older gentleman, slowly walking to his desk, and I thought: “oh man, this is going to be zootopia Flash fast isn’t it?”
But the man was very friendly, not that fast with the system, but he did his best to help me as much as possible, and even gave me a great tip to use the concierge that was available 24/7 for all my needs.
I booked an upgraded room close to the front door so I could get in and out of the hotel whenever I wanted, and be at my room faster than the other rooms.
Would I spend the extra money again? Probably not, it’s good to be close to the action, but the other rooms weren’t that much further away.

There was an elevator close by so I could just walk up to my room. I’ve got to express again how beautiful this hotel is. I love myself a lodge any time of the week, but a Disney lodge is even better!
It is a pretty big hotel so finding my hotel room did take a minute, but luckily it wasn’t far away at all.I took a picture of the hotel room number for if I forgot or got lost on my phone and I walked into the room.

Because it was an upgraded room I had more space, all the room for activities! Man it felt like the biggest hotel room I’ve ever stayed at!
The tv was already on with a very welcoming message with my own name on it. That made me feel right at home! It’s something very easy to code in, but the gesture was amazing.

Falling down on my bed knowing I was home I took a minute to gather my thoughts, get my personal effects out of my backpack and place them in the best places that I could think off, and off I went to the parks, because if you are in Disneyland Paris you are there for the parks not the hotel for sure!