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Solo Cruise: Should you do it?

I can hear a lot of veteran cruisers already scream yes! But let’s expect that you have never done a cruise before and see if it is for you.

What is a cruise?

A cruise is basically a huge hotel that moves. And not just a 2 star hotel, no this is a 5 star hotel. It has multiple theaters, restaurants, bars and everything you can wish for. You will travel to multiple ports and will probably have a day at sea or two. At those ports you will have time to discover the island or city you are at until it is boarding time again.


Your hotel room is as big as you expect from a hotel standard. I told you that it’s a 5 star hotel before, but the cheaper cabins will not be as luxurious as the more expensive ones. But believe me, you wont even know that you are basically under the water line.

The cabins feature a king size bed or two queen size beds, night stands, TV, closet, bathroom. You dont need more than this on your cruise. Because I promise you that you will not spend much time in your cabin.


You will be constantly entertained if you wish to be. You can choose to sit on deck with a book, or maybe chill in one of the lounges.

Every night is a party, multiple bars and clubs will be open until the early morning so you can just let go and have fun!

If you wish to see a Broadway style musical, no problem, you’ve got one on board! Anything is possible!


As a solo traveler you are more than probably expected to pay the full price for two people because your cabin has to be filled up or the cruise line will lose money.

But this being 2019, more solo cabins are being made available. So be sure to check for those rooms if they are available!


Does this sound like something you would do? Great! You defenitly should check out all the options available! And be sure to check back here for more cruise info and tips!