Disneyland Paris Day One: Restaurants

I arrived at the hotel around noon so it was a perfect moment to go for a bite. And there is one quick service restaurant I absolutely adore and that is Earl of Sandwich.

Earl of Sandwich


Earl of Sandwich is the Disney answer to Subway but with a much more varied option of foods other than sandwiches. They serve an awesome breakfast, and they even have pizza options for dinner.
For this lunch I decided a quick bite with a Hawaiian sandwich which was awesome! It felt really freshly made and when I got it, it still was warm enough to eat comfortably but not too hot like it would have been in the microwave (looking at you Burger King!), so that was an awesome quick bite lunch!

Concierge Service

When I finished up for lunch I remembered that I hadn’t made any reservations for my dinner, so I decided to take a quick stroll back to the hotel. Luckily I stayed on site and it was very close by, only a 5 minute walk.
I already had decided that I wanted to eat at the buffet restaurant at Hunters Grill that was located in my hotel.

seqouialodge check in.jpg

So I walked up to the front desk and inquired if I could still make a reservation for Hunters Grill that very same evening, and I was surprised that it still was. I received a little notice for my reservation and I was off to the parks!

Hunters Grill

When I arrived just before my time slot I noticed that there was a very long line! A lot of people had reserved for that very same evening. And luckily when it all started at the time slot I was quickly seated.
When you are a solo traveler, you don’t always get a great table. However you may always ask for a different table of course! In Dublin I sat at a table that faced a wall where the other chair would be. Back then I was young and didn’t dare to ask for a different table, but nowadays I understand that it is a right to ask.

Hunters grill has a really good atmosphere when it comes to themed restaurants. It features the same theme as the hotel, which means a lot of wood decor, which I absolutely adore!

The food was varied, and you were able to take as much food as you want. However when you travel solo you don’t tend to bunker up, because when you are with someone else you have time. Not that you cannot take your time at a restaurant solo, it is just different. It might seem strange to some people, but when you eat solo you tend to plan your day way more during dinner then at any other time.
I had my phone out on the table while eating, and I was already planning my next day. Some people do the planning months before they go, I like to be more of the late planner. I like to be mobile and see what is happening at that day or the next day. What if the weather is awful? What if I’m not feeling well?


Would I go back to Hunters Grill solo? Probably not. You pay the same for a table service meal, but you don’t get the same quality food. Because I had an annual pass I could get a discount. So instead of the whooping 35 Euro price tag, roughly $40 dollars, I could pay 30 euro’s or roughly $35 dollars.
The food is definitely not bad! But if you could go to a steak restaurant for the same price, I’d rather have an awesome steak dinner!

Would I go back to Earl of Sandwich? I wish they’d open up a restaurant here in The Netherlands. I love this restaurant! I wish I could go there more often!
It might sound like I’m biased or that I am getting paid, but I just think this quick service restaurant is the best bang for your buck!



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