Solo travel: surviving a night at the airport

I’m about to do a night shift at work, so I thought it would be appropriate to talk about night time at the airport.

When you have to stay the night you have the option to get a hotel, but let me tell you that there are other options.

Comfy lounge chairs

Most lounges have incredible lounge chairs to chill on. They are comfortable enough to sleep on. Just bring a neck rest and an eye guard because there will be a lot of light. Also some solid headphones are great because although there aren’t a lot of people around, work has to be done and a lot of work men do their construction jobs after midnight.

Restaurant couches

Some fastfood restaurants have great couches to lie on. They aren’t super comfortable, but they do the job. I have a co-worker who sleeps for 2 hours pre nightshift on those couches.

Sleeping bag

I’ve seen a lot of younger people in groups use sleeping bags on the floor to sleep through the night. It’s a solid strategy but I can imagine that you dont want a sleeping back filling up your available space that you can take with you.


I hope you guys find these tips helpful. Spending the night at an airport isnt the most fun you can have, and most shops are closed. But if you can get some sleep you will be solid for a couple of hours.


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