Your first solo trip!

A solo trip can be an amazing experience, especially when you do it for the first time. Most first time solo travelers have said that it is almost a religious experience. Your senses get so many stimuli all at once.
So are you thinking about doing you first solo trip? Or are you thinking about planning one? Read on!

So how does one start planning?

Location, location, location! My first solo trip was to Dublin. A big city is a perfect place to do your first small solo trip. Safety in numbers is mostly said to travelers, make sure you are in a big group so nobody will approach you. But I’d like to think differently about this. When you travel alone you can merge into the crowd and nobody will even know you are there.

Disneyland or Disney World is the same thing, because you are not in a group, nobody will even know you are there, or bother with it. So let’s just say your first solo trip is to the Happiest place on earth!

First off, how do you want to go there? There are a couple of different ways of getting to a location like Disneyland.

  • Airplane
  • Train
  • Bus
  • Car


What is your preferred way of traveling? What is the cheapest option? Why shouldn’t you choose one of these?


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