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Solo Travel: Sleeping Alone

One of the hardest things for adults who have been in relationships is sleeping alone. Not having someone next to you during the night, not waking up next to the person you like very much.

So that’s a big thing to tackle for most, but it is, in my opinion, not a problem that cant be overcome. There can be fun aspects aswel.

Do whatever you want

What if you had a very busy day traveling and you just want to relax and wat a rediciously large pizza while binge watching a Netflix show? Nobody will stop you, or judge you.

Do you want to sleep in until late in the afternoon? Go for it! Want to have some special alone time with your favorite road toy? You are alone, just do it!

One night stand

When you are looking to mingle and you have a hotel room all by yourself, you have a bigger chance of taking someone to your room. The opportunity is there without anyone knowing it.

But then again, know what kind of person you take with you. You dont want to get robbed or worse!

Waking up next to your one night stand will be awkward, it will not be the same as waking up next to a loved one. So if you feel alone and dont want to have that dreaded feeling you can chose to get a one night stand, just dont feel like you need to get it, just go by your feeling.


Sleeping alone isnt a bad thing, you can do whatever you want. Even find some nightly love when you get super lonely. Just be smart about it!