Disney Fox Deal Sealed!

Today is the day people! Fox and Disney are merged! Last year Disney did an offer that Fox couldn’t refuse. A whooping 71 billion dollars has been paid by Disney to take over the movie and television department of Fox.

What does this mean?

Well this means that Disney owns more than half of Hollywood at the moment. Fox was the biggest contender to battle Disney and now that the merger has been completed, Disney’s nemesis is now owned by the Mouse himself.

Unfair Monopoly

Some people are screaming that Disney owns too much, that they have an unfair advantage on the rest of Hollywood. Yes, Disney owns a lot of property right now, but people seem to forget that this isn’t the 90’s anymore. There are so many companies making content right now. Think of Netflix, Hulu, HBO and many more content creators are making movies that are new, fresh and outselling the market right now.
The competition has changed the landscape by providing a huge library of content for a fixed price per month.


Disney plus is the answer to the growing competition of content libraries that grow every single day. Disney plus will have all Disney films and shows from the get go making it one of the biggest contenders out there, albeit for a specific target audience.
But let’s not forget Marvel and Star Wars. These are Disney aswell, and they are doing rediciously good in the box office every time a movie comes out!

With the addition of the X-men and Fantastic 4 we will have the movies these properties deserve to be. Fox hasn’t been doing their best with these IP´s and the upcoming X-men movie isn’t getting the good reviews by screen testers they are hoping for.
Hopefully Disney will bring back the magic!

Disney announced there will be more movies from Avatar coming up. Avatar was already the biggest grossing movie all time, imagine what Disney can do with the property! Avatar Land in Walt Disney World is already the prettiest place on earth without owning all the property!

Future of Fox

There will be lay offs that were already announced, from Disney’s side and Fox’s side to make sure that everybody on Fox’s side aren’t decimated in this deal.
Fox will still be the studio it already is, but instead of doing everything their way, they will have to listen to the Mouse.
There will still be movies made by Fox itself under their own name, but they will have a library of potential amazing artists and engineers to help them.


The Disney/Fox deal is a deal that I have waited on since 2008 when Iron Man 1 came out and I imagined a good Fantastic 4 movie! I think this deal will give us the magic we desired so much from Fox, because Fox is a really good studio, but without any real direction. Now with the mouse overlooking Fox, they will get new direction it so desperately needs.


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