Disneyland Paris day two: Breakfast

After a very relaxing night in the hotel on a very comfy bed I decided to get up early and get to the early magic hours, I’ll write more about that in a separate blog.

After the early magic hours I decided to get some breakfast. Knowing that most places would be very expensive to have breakfast in the parks I decided to go to my favorite quick service restaurant Earl of Sandwich

Earl of sandwich

Like I said in a previous blog earl of sandwich is one of my favorite Disneylsnd Paris restaurants, but I never had breakfast there.

So I went on over and checked out the available items. It started with a croissant with coffee, thee or an orange juice for 5 euros. In my opinion that’s a bit expensive for what you get, but then again breakfast st McDonalds has the same price. The second item was an egg sandwich and a hot drink or orange juice for like 6 euros. The last item was a full English breakfast for about 10 euros. I’ve had many english and continental breakfasts and I love them. So dishing out 10 euros was a no brainer.

I’ve got to say that I was very impressed by what you got for the price. It felt really fresh and well prepared. I liked it so much that for the remainder of the trip I had a earl of sandwich full English breakfast every morning.


If you are solo dont get drawn in by character breakfasts unless you got a lot of extra money to spare. A earl of sandwich breakfast will be more than enough to satisfy you untill lunch or even dinner!


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