Disney Geeks Are The New Rockstars

We are obsessed with famous people since the beginning of time. It all escalated in the 50’s with the first rock stars, exploded in the 80’s with Rock ‘N Roll Legends!
Nowadays you have social media stars who people adore, they follow every single move they post on social media. They will buy whatever they will sell, because they want a piece of the action.

Disney Famous

The last couple of decades Disney made their stars in genuine rock stars. Think of High School Musical, think of Frozen. Every kid wanted to be just that.
When I was growing up in my teens I was obsessed with rock and metal music, I wanted to be a musician and now 17 years later I am still a musician.
When High School Musical came out, I too got the bug of dancing and singing. I knew that if I wanted to be a rock star I needed to expand my horizons. Exactly the message from High School Musical, break the status quo!

There isn’t a day that at least one Instagram model posts a selfie at one of the many “Instagram walls” that are so famous now.


We all want a piece of the action! And nowadays it is just a click on your smartphone away to get hundreds of likes on your picture with that famous Instagram wall.

Disney Rockstars

There are so many YouTube channels who do Disney covers nowadays, some artists even made whole Disney albums in their own style. Some of the artists like to keep it close to the source material, but the ones that make it their own are on top of the list.
There are so many talented bands now who make rock and metal covers of their favorite Disney songs. Why? Because the music is so amazing that it lends to any genre you can think of.

You as the Disney Rockstars

A lot of Disney fans are talented in their own way. In our fandom we have excellent singers, we have artists that can draw, we have fashion guru’s that make excelent Disney inspired clothing. We have it all.

So why wouldn’t you go out there, rock your Disney fashion and show the world that Disney geeks are the new Rockstars! Be confident and people will love what you do!


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