Solo Travel: Blending In

A good way to do as a solo traveler is blending in with the locals, because as we all know tourists are easy targets for criminals. And being alone means that you can be a bigger target than in a group.

Know the fashion

Let’s say that you are traveling trough the US and you don’t want to be recognised as a tourist. Try a baseball cap! There is a reason why Hollywood shows spies with baseball caps, you are less recognisable, and many people there wear baseball caps.

Drop that fanny pack, have you ever seen a local with a fanny pack? Yes they are handy, yes they can be saver than the other options. But it shows you are an easy target.


You don’t need to nail the local accent, but at least try to sound neutral. If you have a European accent most people will recognise it, they might not know where you come from, but they will recognise a European accent.

Personally I like to play a game called: “Where do I come from?”. Funny enough most people think I’m either from Canada or Florida. For years I’ve practised to master an American accent and I think I’ve done a pretty good job on it. And I’ve seen a lot of benefits from it. People tend to understand me easier than with my “Dutch accent”, people think I’m much more interesting because they can’t pin down my locale.


Yes it is good to have all your clothing with you, but if you stay in a city for a couple of days trow down your huge backpack and go for a smaller one with only the necessities. Make it look like you are just commuting and not world traveling.


It’s good to not be seen as a tourist, it’s saver and you can blend into the crowd wich gives you many benefits. People will treat you nicer, won’t expect you to “that tourist”. So give some effort in knowing the locale, know what they dress like, but don’t overdress.


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