Adult Disney: Disney Rock ‘n Roll Lifestyle

For a lot of years I’ve been thinking to myself, can you have a Disney lifestyle included with you Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle? The short answer is: absolutely!


Long gone are the days where Disney was the grandeur of music from the 40s and now Disney, with the modern movies, have switched to a more band like approach.


I dont think anybody would argue that Tangled has a great soundtrack. But why do people like it so much?

The Tangled soundtrack is recorded with a band. Excellent musicians molded the music into something that could be played on the radio but also as an epic movie soundtrack!


When Frozen came out YouTube was flooded with Frozen covers. Anybody who could sing covered it. But also came the rock and metal fanbase with amazing rock and metal covers. They poured in their blood sweat and tears to make an epic soundtrack of their own.


The rock n roll art styles of the Disney princesses are a big thing on the internet. They look so cool and inspire girls all over the world to make their own style resemble these kick ass princesses.

ot only princesses get their rock n roll make over. Also the Disney princes and other characters get them too. It’s a true showing of Adult Disney fans!

My Disney Rock n Roll lifestyle.

I’ve been a musician most of my life, I have enjoyed the good sides and the bad sides of that life. But one thing always has stuck with me. Disney.

My band mates where going crazy about my suggestions of Disney music on stage. Make it a real punky vibe or a metal vibe. After a while they finally said their ok and we were rehearsing it untill our fingers bleed.


My fashion sense always been band shirts, leather jackets and rocking long hair.

My fashion sense hasn’t changed a lot over the years. Nowadays I have embraced the geekiness and most of my wardrobe consists of geek shirts, socks and underwear. It goes incredibly well with leather jackets, all star shoes and baseball caps.


At work friends play Disney music for me to make me happy. They love it when I start singing in my rock n roll voice and it has become an actual thing at work. I even heard a friend say: “He used to be a musician, that’s why he can sing!”.

I also love to do duets with my awesome friend Anniej. Whenever we are hanging out we sing and have s great time. It just feels so good to go full on Disney in a Rock n Roll way! It feels liberating.


Can you be a Disney fan and maintain a rock n roll lifestyle? Yes, you certainly can. It’s a lot of fun to get your new cool Disney style going and I’d advice anyone to do it as well. Get yourself some sweet Disney merch and make yourself look like a rock star. You are worth it!


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