Marvel Unlimited Is Comic Book Heaven

I’ve read many a comic book as a kid, but marvel comics were rarely translated, so now as an adult Marvel Unlimited is an amazing way to read comics.

Huge library

Marvel Unlimited has a vast library that hosts the comics of old, aswell as all the new comics with a delay of 6 months.

When I started dating my ex I knew she loved comics aswel. So I gave her my login and she started reading Gwenpool. She even told her best friend: “I’m dating a guy with a huge comic library, I feel like Belle!”


Ofcourse it is not free. You pay 10 dollars a month to access this massive library. But is it worth it? In my opinion, yes very much worth it.


If you love comic books go give it a try, it’s really easy on your phone but even better on a tablet. Check it out on the website


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