Disney Dating: Confidence

Like my awesome friend Anniej said, it’s all about confidence. Even if you aren’t the greatest looking person in the world, it is still about confidence.

Asking someone out

It can feel incredibly scary to ask someone out. But most of the time it is just in our head. You can talk to anyone you like if you have the right approach. No is a certainty, yes is achievable.

Believe in yourself

You have no idea what you are capable of if you dont believe in yourself, because the sky is the limit. Yes that might sound like a cliche, but it’s true!

People are just people

Even though people might not be approachable, in the end we all want attention.

Like my awesome friend at work, she looks like a model so I thought she wouldn’t be interested in a guy like me. So I decided to talk to hear. Turns out she is as much as a weirdo like I am! Sure she has a boyfriend, but that doesn’t stop me from flirting. Just know your boundries.

Practise makes perfect

Like I said I’m flirting a bunch with that weirdo model looking chick from work. Why? Because its practise. I dont expect anything from her, just attention. Because of it I’m more confident than ever.

My friend with benefits gives me a lot of confidence aswel. See a FWB as a practise boy/girlfriend. The person is with you because you are a nice person, who looks good and all the reasons to start the most complucated relationship ever. Because they deem you good enough for it.

Now I know that getting a FWB sounds like it is impossible. But ask your closest friends if you can flirt with them, just be honest about your intentions. Everyone loves attention. And who knows what will build from there, maybe you find out that you actually want to date!


Practise makes perfect and everybody likes attention. Be your best version that you want to be. Just go for it!


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