Adult Disney; Friends with Benefits: Doing Stuff Together

In my previous blog about Friends With Benefits I explained what it is how to be a friend with benefit and what you should think of before you go the distance. This time I want to talk about the friend part, doing fun stuff together

Being Friends

It is a lot of fun to have someone to booty call whenever you want and you know they want the same thing as you. But don’t let it be all about sex, because in the end you are still friends.
It is really important to spend time together outside the bed and do fun stuff together. Go take walks where you talk. Go to a museum and uncover a whole new world together. Go out to a restaurant and have some awesome lunch!

If you neglect the friends part, your Friends With Benefits will deteriorate and you will realise that you relationship is just about having sex and nothing more. That would be a shame for an awesome, what could be, long-lasting friendship.

Disneyland/Disney World And Friend With Benefits

Why would a Disney Park be amazing with your friend with benefits? Well it’s a very romantic place, it’s a place where you would like to come with someone you love and it is a place to go to with your loved one. Now, because it is a highly romantic place, be sure to get some ground rules. You don’t want one of you to get feelings that the other one doesn’t have. But being there with someone you feel attracted to is a great feeling!

Just make sure that you both know that you want to hang out as friends, because Disney is a very expensive place to visit if you are not 100% sure that you both want the same things. Don’t make it complicated and don’t let it be drama.
But be fair, who wouldn’t want to share a kiss in front of the castle? Who wouldn’t want to hold hands or keep your friend in your arms like he or she is your future wife/husband while watching a parade?
Staying on site can be very romantic aswell, who wouldn’t like to have sex in a Disney hotel? Just make sure that you stay classy.

Let me tell you about how I discovered that my Friends with Benefits is so much more to me than just fuck buddies. Let me explain why I think it is so important to have fun together outside the bedroom!

Substitute boy/girlfriend

My Friend With Benefit and me took a great day out together after our latest booty call. We went to a 900 year old fort and decided to take a walk there together and enjoy the awesome scenery and the amazing sun.


Taking a stroll over the defence works was something that we hadn’t done before. I knew she loved this place to bits because in the last 2 weeks she has been here 4 times now. I’m a huge history geek myself, I used to be a Roman Soldier at a museum (best job ever), so she didn’t need to convince me at all!

While eating a lunch salad she prepared for us I dared to go into dangerous territory, I dared to speak the words: “I don’t think that anything has changed at all in our relationship, we are just like we were, but better”. That started a conversation about why we weren’t good for each other as a relationship, but why it did make sense as friends who were sexually attracted to eachother.
We even got onto a new term about our relationship, because we don’t feel like friends with benefits, but we decided to call it “substitute boyfriend and substitute girlfriend”.
Everyone needs some affection and attention every once in a while, so why not be there for each other on a deeper level?


Having Fun Together

Having fun together is so important. You are friends for a reason, you can make each other laugh and do dumb stuff together. If you stop having fun, you are basically stopping the relationship.



When you are out to have fun and do stupid stuff go find adventure. Go do stuff that makes you think: “This is a stupid idea, let’s do this!”

We were able to get underground into the rooms where the soldiers would live, fight, eat and everything else they would do. It were exhibition rooms with info on the fort, how they lived and what life was like. It was really interesting!

But then we found a long and eerie hallway. It looked like a halway that you’d see in a horror movie. Bad lighting, no heating, water coming from the walls. And my substitute girlfriend opened the door (that really should have been locked) and said: “let’s go in!”
So we walked into the long corridor that was well maintained but with the water dripping from the sides of the tunnel, the air felt really moist and cold.
We walked trough to the end and found that it was a dead-end, so we had to walk about 100 meters back trough the cold.


We found it very freaky that you could just walk there without anything being there, but we just shrug it off. Untill we found another one. Imagine this same corridor without any lights on the floor untill the very end of the 100 meters long corridor.
I’m not that afraid of getting an adventure, but all my movie going experience said that it was a very bad idea. At first I really didn’t want to go with her, but she said she would go alone and what kind of guy would I have been if I had let her go alone?
So I grabbed her hand and we went into the pitch black tunnel, keeping our heads low to avoid any spiders or other animals who might have been living on the tunnel ceiling.

So we got to the end of the tunnel and saw that it was another dead-end. There was some scribbling on the wall of people who ventured out there aswell. So we turned around and started walking back. Not even 10 meters into the 100 meter walk all of a sudden we heard a loud bang, something that could be from a very loud punch against the wall to a canon being fired. Neither of that was a possibility, so you can imagine that we ran as fast as we could, still holding hands to the exit.
I pushed open the door and let her go out first and then I sprinted out aswell. Our hearts racing from such an adventure we both noticed that we thought that was a lot of fun!


Doing fun things with your substitute boy/girlfriend can be amazing, you will learn more about each other than just in the sack. You should be more than what society will tell you that you are. Friends with Benefits should be about having fun, and going on adventure together is a great way to relight your passion that you didn’t even knew you had!
Work hard for your very special relationship and you will get memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life.


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