Disney Dating: Dating at the Parks

So you’ve been dating with this person for a while and you want to include him or her to the most magical place in your heart. Great! But also be careful.

Magic is never guaranteed.

Disney calls themselves the happiest place on earth. And yes, it really is. But to make the magic happen is all up to you. If you or your partner is going to be a negative Nancy, then you will have a bad time.

Let me give you some tips on how to make it magical.

Entering the parks

It might be a shocker but a lot of people dont go regularly to the Disney parks. I’ll wait for you to grasp your breath again. We’re good? Ok then!

Take this to your advantage! A lot of people went to one of the resorts as kids with their parents. It’s still a special place in people’s hearts. So if your partner hasn’t been to a Disney Resort for a long time try this.

Cover their eyes before you walk upon mainstreet. Let them hear the music, smell the atmosphere and get a moment for just the two of you. When excitement gets to a peak remove your hands and give your partner a moment to adjust to the feelings he or she is getting. You just rocked their world!

Holding hands

While strolling over mainstreet grab your partners hand. Look eachother in the eye and go on an adventure! Enjoy the 1900s atmosphere and music and make way to the castle.

First Disney kiss

One of the most romantic scenes in television history for me is Corey and Topanga at Epcot. That is a serious life goal for me.

Another rediciously romantic place is in front of the castle. While walking to the castle get a spot that isnt crowded and pull your date back to you and share a kiss that you and your partner will never forget. That right there is a magical moment.

Dont overdue the magic.

Yes there is a lot of magic in Disney, but a lot of the magic costs some serious money. A dinner at the castle is romantic as can be, but there are equally romantic places that won’t bankrupt your wallet.

So do a bit of research what your date loves and use that to your advantage!


A Disney date can be a date that is only seen on TV, but with some work and dedication this can be a reality. Just make sure you take the right person or else the magic might never be the same again.


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