Adult Disney: Disney Music is Your Personal Soundtrack

We’ve all grown up with Disney Music in our lifes, and many of us still enjoy it almost every day. What if I told you that it already is your own soundtrack of your life?

Favorite music

When you listen to Disney Music you tend to get memories and feelings. It was designed to be that way. Maybe you sing “whistle while you work” when you do house chores. Or when you are working out you put on “I’ll make a man out of you”.

Because you are using music while you do your daily routine you are creating your own soundtrack. And you can use that to your own advantage!


Whenever I lack some confidence I put on the amazing title song of Ducktails. It gives me the boost I need. Or whenever I doubted my choices in life I’d listen to Hercules telling me that there is a place where people like to see my face.


Disney has so many romantic songs, why not using it with your special someone. Sing together and make your bond a very special connection. Use it while you are making out. Give the song even more meaning than it already did!


Disney music should be your own personal soundtrack to life. Use it to make life more enjoyable, to give you courage or even romance. Enjoy it!


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