Adult Disney: A Dapper Haircut

The era of men taking care of themselves is upon us. We deserve to be taken care of and we should take the time to do so.

That is what I’ve done today! I went to my local rock n roll inspired barbershop and I got myself a haircut.

OldSchool Barber

I’ve always had a fascination with old barbershops. The kind where you get a whiskey and cigar while getting your hair cut. And I’ve found my new barber today!

I always commute by train and every single day I see this one barbershop, the one with the motorcycle in the window. And I decided I should treat myself to a hair cut by real men! The kind that do pomade in their moustache.

Custom hair job

These kind of barbers dont just cut by a book, they want to create art. Much like mechanics want to work on an oldschool mustang and create their masterpiece, these barbers really want to make you look good.

He asked me what I wanted and he suggested really short on the side and longer on top. I dont like that hairstyle, so I started to explain my background of being a musician and that I’ve always lived a rock n roll lifestyle. So together we thought of something oldschool and I told him I’d give him room to make something awesome.


One of the coolest things about these barbershops is the enviroment.

You have the feeling that you are in a special place. When they washed my hair I sat down in a comfy leather chair. It’s amazing how good that feels.

While you are getting your hair cut you know that some good tunes are playing. Not just pop music, but good music.

Dapper Dan

I told my barber about Dapper Dan in Disneyland Paris, and he told me that it’s quite the legend in their line of business. They recently talked a lot about it when one of their coworkers went to Dapper Dan. So we had an awesome talk about that, not just casual talk, we both expressed our love for these kind of barbershops!


If you, a man, want to get yourself taken care of, go do it! But it’s not just for men, this barbershop had a womans part too with a female hairdresser with some wicked tattoo’s! For just 29 euros I had an awesome experience and I will be defenitly coming back!


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