Disney Dating: Disneyland Pre-fun!

A couple of days ago I told my very own Disney Princess that we are going to Disneyland Paris. And from that very moment our pre-fun started!


I recently sold the rights of my first game to an investor and the moment I got the news I told my Disney Princess that we were going to Disneyland!

I’ve never seen someone so excited in my life! We are both huge Disney fans since we were kids and she hasn’t been there since she was 12.

We’ve been talking about it since we started dating, but funds have been tight and now with the extra cash I can finally give her the trip I dreamed off!


So what is pre-fun in a Disney trip? Ofcourse its searching of plethora of Disney info, but to us it is much more!

A lot of Disney couples love to dress the part when they go to Disney. Dressing like their favorite Disney couples. But ofcourse Disney has rules for that, you cannot be mistaken for a cast member. So adults cannot be wearing the exact Disney dresses. But luckily people are very crafty, they thought of a work around. Instead of a direct cosplay, people are wearing similar clothes in the colors of Disney figures.

Like this dress, it isnt the exact Rapunzel dress, but it is close to the idea of rapunzel.

Combine that with awesome flowers in the hair and you have an awesome homage to Rapunzel.

Me as the Disney prince in this story have been thinking about it aswel ofcourse.

To compliment my Disney Princesses look, I will be sporting a Flynn Rider look.

All Out Disney

As Disney adults you should go all out Disney. Its romantic and I assure you that it will re-light a spark in your relationship. It will be a fun memory you can share for decades after.

Go find your perfect Disney outfits and start having fun together while doing so. Make it as romantic as you can, but stay realistic and stay within Disney rules.


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