Disney Dating: Avengers Date Preperation

As we all know by now, Avengers Endgame is coming! The biggest conclusion in Marvel Cinematic Universe History! My Disney Princess is coming with me to the premiere of Avengers End Game, and it’s going to be one of our awesome Disney Dates!


To get a Disney Date to its Disney awesomeness, you will have to prepare. If you’ve been here for a while you’ll know about our awesome Spider-verse date! That was our first ever Disney date and it felt amazing. My Disney Princess went out of her way to make our own Popcorn buckets and she made popcorn bags for Captain Marvel!
No pressure my Disney princess for our Avengers date!



With the preparation comes more than just popcorn buckets that are incredibly awesome! Think of fashion aswell!
What should you wear for a Disney Date? What kind of movie are you watching and how should you make it awesome by your apearal?



With our Spider-verse I had my awesome Spider-man beanie that worked like a half mask of Spider-man. With our Captain Marvel date I had my S.H.I.E.L.D. jacket on.
So for this special occasion I ordered a special jacket that is being made for this event.


I might rock the iconic Captain America helmet that I also ordered from the same seller, but it all depends if it will be delivered on time.

Having fun with it

Because it is still two weeks away I’m still having fun with all the options I can discover in preparing for this awesome date. But it is important to not over think it or come over prepared. The movie will be just over 3 hours, so better be comfortable!


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