Disney+ Streaming Service News

Disney is doing a streaming service, but chances are you already know it and are ready to throw your money to the screen just like I do.


The costs will be $6.99 per month or 6.20 euro. This is a very competitive price for what they are offering. Especially if you compare it to the 15 dollar price mark for Netflix.

Disney+ will be the same all over the world because Disney owns all their licences. If you like, like me, in Europe that will mean that you get the same as American viewers. Unlike with Netflix where we pay the same (and even higher) price for way less content.


The word is, or should I say speculation, that the mature fox content will be on Hulu because Disney wants to keep Disney+ family safe and Disney owns 60% of Hulu. That is however bad news for Europe as Hulu isnt available in Europe.


Another rumor is that Disney will also make ESPN+, a streaming service for sports. However nothing is clear about that yet.

Release date

Disney has announced that Disney+ will be starting at November this year in the US and Europe will have to wait another couple of months for their release. Time to dust off the old VPN, but I’m ok with that. I would love to have the service right on release date.


I’m so excited for this streaming service, every detail they are releasing sounds so very exciting and awesome. I cant wait!


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