Disney Dating: Planning a Disney Date At A Resort

In just 2 months and a couple of days I’ll be taking my Disney Princess to Disneyland Paris, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. There isn’t a day gone by since I told her and we both said how excited we were! But I want to go the extra mile.


My Perfect Date

I’ve been thinking on how to make it extra special for my Disney Princess, and the options are limitless. The only limit I have is my wallet, which isn’t so limitless. But I have thought of the perfect date for us.

My first pick was Captain Jack Sparrow’s restaurant, we’re both gigantic Pirate fans and the setting looks amazing. But looking at the prices, it is just outside of my comfort zone of spending that much money to how much I make…
But I found a perfect substitute!

My Disney Princess doesn’t like fancy dinners, extravagant spending, super fancy clothes, or anything that screams: “Let’s waste a lot of money that could do something good in the world”. So I started thinking, how can I still make it romantic, but still gets my wallet in a comfort zone and doesn’t make it seem that I want to blow more than a hundred euro on one meal. Let’s be fair, Disney has good food, but that good?

We both love nature and my favorite hotel in Disneyland Paris is Seqouia Lodge. With it’s beautiful nature and atmosphere it really feels like you are in a big forest hotel. It just makes me happy to walk around there. And I know that she will have a blast seeing everything nature and then have a nice dinner there.


Now that’s part one of the date, because in my opinion the date doesn’t stop untill you close your eyes if you sleep together that night, or when you say goodbye. Luckily for me, we will be spending the night in the Vienna Dreamcastle hotel.

After we finish dinner it’s off back to the parks and wait for the night parade and fireworks, what is more romantic than holding your loved one. Last time I saw it was at the Star Wars celibration and it was amazing. I can just imagine us holding eachother while tears of joy fall down our cheeks and we scream in excitement!

The Stranger

After we’ve seen the fireworks the park will close, but that’s not where our night will end. Because we are Disneybounding (dressing up as Disney Characters in casual clothing) she wants to dye her hair red because of her Ariel Disneybound. That got me thinking, I’ll have some time to myself and I’d love to relax at the bar and just have a beer in an amazing looking hotel. Because I have never seen her without her golden hair I thought I’d see a whole new version of her, and why not to get to know her again for the very first time?

We’ve known eachother for 14 years, making our friendship one of the longest lasting ones that we have, but our first time meeting wasn’t at a bar, or bumping into a romantic place like what happens in the movies. So I asked her if she would be into a little roleplay.

When she is done with dyeing her hair, I want her to come to the bar and take a seat somewhere. Anywhere she wants. And I will aproach her and try to pick her up as a whole different person.

There is some background to this. I’ve been an actor since the age of 18, I was selected to do classes at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Done some acting at festivals and finally landing an acting job at a museum where for four years I was Robinus Musica Germanicus, a Roman soldier who was based in a small fort at 245 A.D. in Germanica Inferior (The Netherlands).
I’ve always loved acting, even acted in one of my Disney Princesses short movies that she directed after college. So this was a perfect situation for a new first meeting but as different people.

I’ll be posing as Jack “Danger” Dallinger, born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. Working in the army as a sargeant in the armored infantry. Based in Germany to be deployed back to Iraq. And I’m now on leave and decided to go to Disneyland Paris as my destination for some relaxation.

When she comes to the bar I don’t expect her to come to me, I know she will take a lone seat somewhere at the bar or at a table and she will see what will happen. Maybe she will have a book in her hands that I can use as an ice breaker. Maybe she will take it a step further and she will just totally ignore my presense and starts talking to someone else just to make me jealous.

Either way, I will have to step up my game and start talking to her. I’m not a person to just walk up to someone and strike up a conversation. I’m not scared to talk to people, but I do fear judgement, but this is a perfect moment to learn how to be smooth and get her to invite me to sit with her. By then I will order her a drink and for myself and I will introduce myself and let her introduce herself. Because we both love acting I know we will have a full backstory ready to share. So I will defenitely make time to see who she will be posing as.

After some drinks I will tell her that a beautiful evening like this one is not worth spending indoors and we should walk trough the gardens of the hotel. I want this to be a real movie experience, so a walk with just the two of us talking is the way to go.
The hotel is a beautiful castle with castle garden style exterior, so making it romantic won’t be a problem. I just can imagine us walking there and me slowely grabbing her hand to walk hand in hand. That we take a seat and she looks me in the eye and all the talking stops. That’s the moment to have our “first” kiss. Even though we have been dating for over 6 months now and known eachother for over 14 years and our first kiss happened over 10 years ago. This new “first” kiss will be something special, it will relight a fire that we have not lost, but it will be like trowing gasoline onto an already burning fire.

Alter Ego

Now why did I choose this as my alterego? I could have gone with a business man or an athlete. No I wanted something that you would only experience in a movie like “Dear John, where the girl finds unexpected love from a man who she knows won’t be around a lot. I want to give my Disney Princess the ultimate fantasy.
Will it be weird that we end the date not as our selfs? Defenitly not! We will have hours and hours of fun together in Disney, and this is where we will put the cherry on top of the date and make it really intense and exciting.

We are both so excited about this plan, meeting someone else for the first time while you are a fast different personality than yourself, but in the end you know you will be the same couple, only in a different reality. One other reason why I chose this Alterego is because I would have been this man if I had been accepted by the military 6 years ago, but couldn’t because of the budget cuts the government made to the military.

I do not know who she will be, neither does she know what kind of alterego I’m making of myself, but we both know that we will have a blast. We both know that we will be spending the night together and we both know we will get lucky that night either way, which makes it a whole lot easier to start hitting on a new person and try to get that person into your room.


Disney Dates are really romantic and fun, and taking it to the next step will be amazing. We will have a great day at the parks, then have an amazing dinner with an amazing roleplay experiment at the end. I can’t wait for the date of my dreams!


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