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Adult Disney: how I became someone’s Disney Prince

Every girl dreams of finding her own Disney Prince or Princess. Every guy would love to have his own Disney Princess or Prince. Why not make some great effort and become someone’s prince or princess?

Real love

If you, like me, live and breath Disney then you undoubtedly believe in true love. But love isnt just a sexual relationship. You can love your best friend and not be in a sexual relationship. You want to compliment his or her appearance by being the best they deserve.

My Disney Princess

If you have followed my blogs you probably have read about my Disney Princess. 6 months ago we started a relationship on a true love basis. Something you would only find in Disney movies. This turned out to be much harder than we initially thought. Yes it is a lot of fun to ride the high of true love but you need so much more.

So we decided to change our relationship. I’m no longer living with her and I moved back to my own place. But we are still dating and doing incredibly fun stuff together.


For my Disney princess’s birthday I’m taking her to Disney. And ofcourse she was mega excited. But we also spoke over our dream to be at Disney as part of a true Disney couple. So we started talking about Disneybounding.

Disneybounding is the act of dressing like a Disney character in casual clothing. So no costumes, in every sense of the word, no ball gowns. Just regular clothing in the style of a Disney character.

Eugene and Eric

For this trip we decided to go with her all time Disney princesses. Rapunzel and Ariel. So ofcourse I have to go with Eugene (Flynn) and Eric. Luckily for me they don’t dress that differently. So clothing wise I’m not that difficult.

At the parks we will be going in all the rides, enjoying every little bit of it but still taking time to take great pictures as a Disney power couple.


Becoming someone’s prince doesn’t come without some dedication. I have 2 months to get fit and toned so I look like the best version of myself and a Disney Prince. I’m eating healthy, 5 times a week salads, and doing workouts everyday.

During my “official” relationship with my Disney princess we let ourselves go completely and we did get pretty fat. Now 3 months later we look better than ever but were not there yet and we will keep improving!

Do it for yourself

Even though it is a lot of fun to become a dream guy for a girl, dont forget that you should do it for you aswel. If you look like a Disney prince, you will get a lot of attention and compliments. So it’s a huge confident boost.


This is how I became a Disney prince, I found the perfect girl to be a prince for and she wanted to be my princess. Now with a lot of dedication we are working to our goals.