Friends with benefits: how to behave in a themepark

When you have a friend with benefit you might go out and do fun stuff together. But how should you behave?


It’s fun to be that couple that kisses all the time and be very intimate. But let’s be honest, it’s not decent at all. People will look at you and think: “go get a room you two”. So dont be that couple.


Going into that dark ride might seem to be the perfect moment to get comfy and let your hands discover your FWBs body, but did you know some theme parks have onride cameras?

You dont want to be whisked away by Disney Police and get banned forever. So keep your hands on decent places and enjoy each others company.


Holding hands, putting your arm around the waist and kissing is all more than acceptable in proportion. But more than that and you will get complaints. Themeparks are meant for family fun, not “adult” fun.


Be decent and dont be that couple. Just enjoy that you have a substitute boy/girlfriend that alowes you to be that cute couple in a themepark.


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