Trip Report: Perfect day with my Disney Princess

Being friends means doing cool stuff together, doing that with your own Disney prince or princess means you can make it a true magical day!

Heading out for adventure

We woke up together st 6:30 am, it’s been a minute since I had to be up so early. My early morning routine was simple, trying to get more sleep! But my Disney Princess didnt alow it! The light turned on and she gleefully said: “you need to wake up!”.

Putting on my war colors

I’m not really a grumpy morning person, but that wasn’t super cool hahaha! But I manned up and got myself out of bed, threw on some clothes while my Disney Princess did her make up routine.

Power breakfast

My Disney Princess takes incredible care of me, I always feel spoiled by her. And this morning she made me power breakfast.

Power breakfast

It consisted of oatmeal, yogurt, strawberries and cinnamon. Her breakfast was the same but with blueberries. She knows I really dont like berries but love strawberries.

Travel Time

We had about an hour and an half of traveling in front of us, so we packed our bags and went out on adventure!

Where are you taking me to woman?

We traveled to Almere Centraal to catch a train to Zwolle to switch train companies to travel to the village of Nijverdal. There we took a tiny village bus to Schapenmarkt and had 15 minutes of walking to do. Like I said we had quite a trip, but it was over before we knew it.

We arrived

After quite a nice walk trough some beautiful nature we arrived at Adventure Park Hellendoorn.

Ready for adventure! Let’s go!

Adventure park Hellendoorn is one of many themeparks in The Netherlands. It’s not the biggest park like The Efteling, but it is a nice size for a one day trip.

And we are in!

We were pleased to see that it wasn’t busy at all. Normally on a Friday it would be close to deserted but being a national holiday it wasn’t as busy as we expected it to be.

Planning the rides

I’m a planner, my Disney trips are planned to the minute but my Disney Princess has a different philosophy. I’m not a fan of rollercoasters so I asked if we could take it easy and work up to the first rollercoasters. Being the sweetheart that she is she agreed. But the moment she saw the first rollercoaster she dragged me into the line!

Come ride the coaster with me! 😍

This I couldn’t refuse ofcourse! Her blue eyes can convince me to do almost anything. The second rollercoaster was a sewer rat themed dark rollercoaster. I was kinda freaked out, I dont like when I have no idea what will happen, but she comforted me with a lot of love and kisses. We did have a lot of fun with it and she absolutely loved my honest reactions.

Taking it easy

We decided to do a easier attraction to calm my nerves a bit, so we did a jungle cruise lite kind of attraction where we could just sit and enjoy a easy ride trough the jungle.

Although it was a cheap knock off from Jungle Cruise it didnt stop from having some fun with it.

Fearing the coaster

My fear of coasters got the best of me at some time. I’m not afraid to say that I got pretty emotional. I want to be the super hero for my Disney Princess, but there are coasters I dont dare to go in yet.

So my Disney princess went alone on the coaster.

Braving the coaster alone!

When she got back she did tell me that it went a lot faster than the other ones we did do and that she didnt blame me for not going. I did feel bummed out though, why cant I be brave enough to do it. But I know I’ll get over my fear someday!

Water fun!

After that I wanted to show that I was indeed brave enough to do cooler things, so we went on the log flume ride!

We decided that she would sit in front of me and into my arms, which made it really romantic and cozy. But it also made the drop a really a couples experience!


While being at a themepark you really should take time to take some incredible pictures.

Khaleesi eat move over, there is a new mother of dragons!
How about a daddy of dragons?

Its important to have fun with the photoshoots, the more fun you have the better the pictures!


Hellendoorn isn’t Disney by far, but it didnt stop us from having an incredible romantic day. Holding hands, sneaking kisses in, my Disney princess in my arms on rides. It felt like this was the most perfect day ever.

Enjoying a monorail ride

End of the day

There has to be an end to all days and at 5 o clock PM the adventure stopped and we had to leave.

The park had closed, memories were made

We walked back being really tired but also satisfied. While walking back we decided because we didnt have to be home yet to just sit on a bench in the middle of nature and just apreciate eachother company.

Tired but satisfied


Hellendoorn isnt as good as Disney, but it did make for an amazingly romantic day with my Disney Princess.


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