Review: Avengers Endgame (no spoiler)

For the last 11 years we’ve enjoyed the Marvel Cinematic Universe or easily said MCU. And with End Game the first 22 movies and their story has been concluded. But how is the movie? Does it live up to the hype?

Avengers Disassemble

If you are going to watch this movie I suspect that you have watched Infinity War. If you haven’t I heavily suggest you do, this is a sequel to Infinity War.

At the end of Infinity War we’ve seen that Thanos snapped his fingers and killed half the universe with that act.

And End Game starts where it was left off, a team that is beaten down, all the loved ones ripped out of their lifes.

3 hours and 2 minutes

The movie uses every single minute to tell its story, there is no filler and in my opinion no bad moments. They in fact had so much to tell that they needed a whole 2 minutes extra to tell their story.

Laughing, crying and screaming

Prepare to have tissues ready, this movie will make you cry, not just out of sadness, you will have so many tears of joy aswel. I was there with my Disney princess and we both cried our hearts out. We are easily moved by good story telling, but we heard the whole theater cry.

There’s so much comedy in this movie. Not in the force the comedy kind of way, this movie is legit fun!

If you are passionate about the avengers then you will be screaming at the scream of joy, anger and all sorts of feelings. The Russo brothers have made an epic movie which will make you feel all the feels.


This review has been really hard to write, I want to tell you so much about all the amazing parts, all the parts where I was amazed, but I do not want to spoil it.

In my, slight biased, opinion this is my perfect movie. A perfect ending of 11 years and 22 movies worth of epic story telling. While Infinity War got you down while exciting the movie, End Game will lift your spirits like your favorite team just won the super bowl.

This movie is my first 10 out of 10 movie ever, and I highly recommend that you go out there and watch it!


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