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Adult Disney: Romantic Gestures

When you start dating a Disney nut, you know you need to step up to your A game. They grew up with Disney romance ofcourse.

The little things

A lot of people who believe they have to be romantic you need to do huge gestures. But it is the little things that count the most.

Simple things like holding a door open, pick a flower and put it on your partners jacket. Grabbing their hand and look them in the eye while smiling.

But sometimes you want to show your appreciation by doing something grand

The big things

Currently I’m learning a lot about the little things in romance, but I’ve always been a grand movie like romance guy. And I still like to do just that.

Because my Disney princess didnt have the best weekend going out I decided to take her out on a grand date.

First we are dining at the Hard Rock Cafe and then getting some awesome cocktails. After that we go dancing in the famous Reguliers street. And as the cherry on top of the date we catch the last matinee of Avengers End Game.

There are of course grander things than this idea. But if every gesture is grand then it will become the new normal.

Overdueing it

If you overdue it, it will get boring quite fast. Make sure you pick your moments. Dont buy flowers every Saturday, unless you want to make it a thing you will do without skipping once in your whole life.


It is a lot of fun to be romantic. It can make you a better person. You might enjoy life even more. But make sure you dont make it the new normal.