Adult Disney: Father Figure For Someone Elses Kid

When you think Disney one of your thoughts might be evil stepmom. We all know not all step moms are evil, but you barely hear about step dads in the story or father figures.

My Disney Princess

My Disney princess has a totally awesome kid. When we started dating I told her that if we would get serious that I wouldn’t just be there for her, but also for her little monster.

It’s something that is more easily said than actually done. If a kid depends on you it’s a big responsibility, if that kid isn’t your own the responsibility is even higher. I dont want to be the guy who comes into someone’s life and then just leaves. I made this commitment for as long as I’m alowed to.

When I told friends and colleagues about what I did for her little monster they all said one thing. “You dont hear often that a guy wants to take care of another man’s child, you’re a good man.”

For me this comes naturally, I’ve done it for 9 years now for my nephew and I’m not stopping anytime soon.


When my nephew was born my sisters boyfriend left her. It is really hard on a single mom to raise a child on their own.

So my tiny nephew came into the care of my mom whenever my sister had to work and while I was still living at my moms house I automatically took care of him aswel.

I felt responsible for being my nephews father figure, the years gone by and my mom told me how much my nephew looked up to me, and I wanted to be the best version of me to raise my nephew like he would be my own.

Now years later I’m more of the fun uncle, but I keep my role of teaching him what is wrong and what is right. And whenever he needs me I will be there.

The little monster

My Disney princesses little monster has autism. That might scare potential dads off, but I would not have him any other way.

The first day that I met him I gave him the space that he needed to adjust to me, and to my Disney princesses surprise he reached for my hand when we had to walk down a stairs. He actually walked to me and grabbed my hand.

Now we are 6 months later and we have a pretty deep connection. He smiles at me, wants kisses from me, let’s me tickle him, and now he even starts going for hugs.

Daddy feelings

I’ve never thought I’d have daddy feelings, but here we are. The feeling of having an effect on a kids life is amazing. Seeing the major leaps in progress because of your influence is a new reason to be alive.

Having a little ohana of your own is something worth living for


Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. It’s the plot of Lilo and Stitch and for the last 6 months my mantra.

Family isnt the family you grow up with, family is the ones you choose. And I choose to have this little awesome prince to be in my ohana.


I think Disney should do more to recognize the men in the world willing to step up to raise kids as their own while they are not their own.

David from Lilo and Stitch is a great example to this. He is willing to do everything for his Ohana, just like me.


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