Adult Disney: making a new Disney friend

Most Star Wars geeks know 5th of may as Revenge of the 5th, for us Dutchies we know it as Liberation Day. My Disney princess invited me to celibrate liberation day together.

Meeting the Disney Friend

My Disney princess introduced me to her long time Disney friend and me being an introvert this was about to be very interesting.

Picking her up at the train station I learned that my Disney princess has a very special relationship. I thought it was great to see their connection unfold before my eyes. Hugging and tiny girly screams where shared out of excitement, I knew that this would be a fun day!

After the introductions we decided to be heading out to the liberation festivities. Luckily Almere isn’t big enough to get lost so we didnt have to walk far for the main stage.

While we arrived at the main stage our bags got checked for contraband items. It’s weird to think of a time when that wasn’t something that had to be checked. But that’s the world we live in nowadays.

Pink castle

If there’s something that makes my Disney princess happy it would be one of the following:

  • Rainbows
  • Unicorns
  • Pink items
  • Castles

And what would you know? Two of those list items where right there! And to show their love for eachother they wanted to have a fun pic in front of a pink castle!

It made me very happy to see their close relationship unfold infront of my eyes, and being part of that made me even happier.

Talking to strangers

If there’s something I’m not comfortable with then it is talking to strangers. But we were asked to talk to complete strangers in one of the various “living room” sets that they built as an experiment.

We got questions to help a conversation going and one of the questions was: “what would your perfect day be like?”. I knew the answer immediately and told my stranger:

“it’s actually happening quite soon. In a month and a half I’m taking my blonde princess (pointing to my Disney princess) to Disney”. And without missing a beat my stranger told me that she just came back from Disneyland Paris.

Funny thing is that I would never have known that my stranger would be a Disney nut like myself. So the experiment was a succes!

The ex and the little monster

The ex of my Disney princess had the little monster for the weekend and he promised to have him untill the evening of that very day. But the Disney princess got a message that they were already in the city and that she could pick up the little monster.

My Disney princess knows that I don’t like her ex. I have a lot of problems with him for various reasons. Until this day he doesn’t know of my existence and I’d like to keep it like that for s big longer.

If I can make sure that the little monster can keep having a good connection with his biological father then I dont want to stand in their way. But I know that the time will come when I have to face him, but not today or tomorrow.

Untill then I’ll be the father figure that he deserves and not the one that he has right now.

I decided to wait in a shop until he was gone so I wouldn’t cause a scene for my Disney princesses and the little monsters sake.


The little monster has autism, and being dropped off so early by his father, all the music and commotion all around made the little monster uncomfortable.

I can very much relate to him because I have HSP. That stands for Highly Sensative Person.

When I noticed that he got very much overstimulated I told my Disney Princess that we should bring him to the library to get his senses in check.

My Disney princess was scared that this would ruin our day but my new Disney friend and me decided that we both want what is best for the little monster and that we both are there for him.

So we were hanging out in the library and just talking while the little monster was reading books.

All good things come to and end

I had to work that day so I had to cut my visit short and leave for work. But it was not for none that day. I made a new friend that I know will be a friend for s very long time!


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