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Solo Travel: What to expect on your first solo disney trip

I’ve been browsing reddit lately and it seems that more and more people are willing to take the big step into solo traveling. I think it’s great that more people want to be independent travelers. Let’s discuss what to expect.

A whole new experience

If you are traveling alone you will have all new experiences, you will get to know yourself better and you will see the world in a whole new set of eyes.

Like any adventure, the first step is the biggest to take, but when you do go down the rabbit hole called Solo Travel you will never want to go back to normal travel.

It might sound like a major cliche, but it is true, the first step is the hardest on your solo adventure. Once you’ve passed that part you will feel liberated.


When you can choose what you want to do, whenever you want to do it, you will feel like a new person. No more fights over where to eat, when to get up. No more endless tiresome discussions. It’s up to you and you only.

I was around 21 when I did my first solo trip and it was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. But After the initial scare I didn’t want to go back anymore to tiresome vacations.

Solo Disney

One of the best things to do at Disney is going solo. While you are with someone else you will get distracted by talking to each other. The moment you step in a Disney resort solo you will see all the little details that you have never seen before.

You will smell the smells of Mainstreet popcorn, you will notice so much more detail in the music, you will find so many spots to take photos at.

Solo Rides

Disney is actually really happy with solo travelers and go out of their way to make your solo trip amazing.When you go on rides and you insist on doing them together you might get into very long lines, but as a solo traveler you can benefit from the single rider queues.


Single rider queues are separate ques on popular attractions where you basically reserve one seat and you get a seat when there is a spot left in the ride.

Yes you will be set up with others, but instead of a 2 hour wait you might have less than a 20 minute wait.

Solo Hotels

If you travel alone at Disney you do not want to sit an hour in a car or bus everytime you commute. That’s why Disney makes great use of their onsite hotels and shuttle busses to all sorts of hotels. You are always close by the action, and that means more rides and more experiences.

You do have to pay the whole price for the room although you will be the only one residing in the hotel room. The same is for cruise ships. But you do see that there is movement to make it better for solo travelers. Some cruise ships even have solo traveler rooms for a discounted price. But I don’t see hotels do that any time soon, but we can always dream right?

Solo Restaurants

Eating at restaurants solo is something that most people would find awkward or lonely. But to be honest, there is no reason why anyone would feel like that.

Waiters will want to make your stay at their restaurant a memorable experience, because if you enjoy your stay you might tip a good amount.

Make use of the down time to plan the rest of your day or the next day. Use your phone to update your social media presence and edit all the amazing photo’s and video’s you have taken during the day.

Social Media

You are never really alone on the internet, use apps like Facebook and Instagram to update your friends, family and followers of your amazing trip. It is basically the equivalent of the slide shows you’ve seen in the years before computers.

But nowadays we actually want to see all the pictures, we want to be moved by the stories you tell through your pictures. People will be jealous of your travels and it’s your job to inspire them to do the same.


Should you try solo travel? Absolutely. When should you start? Whenever you can.

It is an amazing experience, one that everyone should try at least once in their lives. Are there downsides of traveling? Absolutely, but they outweigh the adventure that you embark on.