Disney Dream Dates

When you think of Disney you might think of princesses and romance. That’s what I think anyway. I would like to explain the concept that me and my Disney Princess are making right now.

Disney Dream Date

A Disney dream date is based on the romance you might have only experienced in movies, but we think it is far more than that.

A date should be romantic and fun. It is what might start your future with the one you love.

My Disney Princess comes out of a relationship where she got promised the world, but in the end got nothing. I believe she is worth to be a Disney Princess.

Making an effort

To make an effort we try to find ways to make our experience a truly Disney experience.

We always thought that wearing matching couple shirts would be too tacky. But we realise that if we use shirts that actually mean something you will get an awesome experience.

When we started dating I saw a Pikapool shirt and thought it was the cutest thing ever. So my Disney Princess decided to remake it and make shirts for us. This last Friday we saw Detective Pikachu and wore our shirts with love and pride.

What a Disney Dream Date means to you

When planning a Disney Dream Date you should think what your connection is between you and your partner and use that knowledge to make it even better.

My Disney princess and I have a strong connection with Tangled, so she made matching bracelets for us.

Sharing something like this gives you a special connection. It makes your date feel so much more special. But it does take some effort. So if you find that special someone make sure you go all out!


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