Adult Disney: Becoming A Real Life Disney Prince(ss)

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you probably have noticed that me and My Disney Princess are working on becoming a serious Disney couple. But how can you become just that?

Dedication and hard work

The Disney characters you see in the parks work really hard to become perfection. But we all know that nobody is perfect, but I know we can work to it. But don’t take perfection too seriously, you don’t need to be photshop perfect. Imperfection is still perfection to the eye of the beholder.

First off you need to be dedicated to it for the long run. Nobody will give this to you and people might call you crazy. But work hard and anyone can achieve it. But stay realistic and stay positive. Starting will be hard, maintaining even harder at times, but if you keep going at it you will achieve your dream.


Wanting to be a Prince(ss) is 40% appearance and 60% state of mind. The stories of old dictate that you have to be a romantic soul, daring to dream.

You have to believe in true love and romantic gestures. You will need to believe you can fly with the help of some pixie dust.

Best version of yourself

The hardest part is becoming the best version of yourself. When I started I was heavily overweight and depressed rock bottom. To crawl out of that bottomless pit has been a challenge, but it has helped me so much!

With the help of My Disney Princess I’m now positive about the future and love life again. I want to become the romantic prince that she deserves.

Working out

Part of becoming the best version of yourself is working out, a lot. But the goals you have will be different for everyone else.

For me it is broad shoulders, strong arms and flat stomach. I see it as a Gaston body but with the personality traits of all the other princes.

You might want the same challenge in work out as me, but you might have other ideals. Search for what you want in your Disney body, and do an accordingly workout. You can google “Disney Workouts” and you will find amazing work out scheduals.


If you search an even harder workout you should consider the Marvel workouts, they bring it to the next level. But my advice is to start slow and don’t overdo it. Your body will need to learn how to adjust itself to this new work out schedual, so give it time. Set a goal and whenever you surpass that get a bigger goal.

No sugar challenge

I just accepted the No Sugar Challenge from my Disney princess. This doesnt mean no sugar at all, but more in the lines of no bad food. No candy, no fast food etc. etc.



Is this something for you?

That’s all for you to decide. It’s a very fun and romantic path to take in your life. Dedicate yourself to one goal and that’s becoming the best version of yourself. Become your partners ideal picture and top that by 20%. But also do it for yourself.

Remember that it isn’t just about apprearance, it is all about mental state of mind.
The better you feel the better you will look. You’ll walk more upright, you will smile more, the sun will be sunnier. Everything will feel better. The goal isn’t to be Instagram beautiful, because let’s face it, that is just a lot of photoshop and filters. You can’t beat hapiness with filters.
No matter the body type you are, no matter your imperfections, you are worth it to be a Disney Prince(ss).

You’ll notice that you will be happier, more secure about yourself and people will give you so many compliments.

Start today because life is too short not to be the perfect version of yourself!


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