Adult Disney: What Is Disneybounding

Disneybounding is the Disney version of Cosplay but different. Dressing up as your favorite Disney character in casual clothing in a reimagine of what you think your favorite characters would look like in modern life.



Disneybounding is all about fashion. Your clothing will show your apreciation and love for your favorite character. Ever wondered how Snow White would look like in a modern age? Why not go find out! It’s a lot of fun to figure that out.


Disneybounding is a way to be over 14 and still dress up at the Disney parks.
Does that mean big ball dresses? No, as most of us know you cannot look exactly like a disney princess, so big ball dresses are not alowed. This is all done to not confuse children. You won’t even get into the park before you are asked to change your clothes.

Disneybounding as a couple is also a very romantic way to celebrate the Disney love in your relationship.
Me and my Disney Princess are going to be Disneybounding when we go to Disney next month. We really relate to the movie Tangled, so she is going as Rapunzel and I’ll be going as Flynn Rider the first day. And the next day we will be Ariel and Prince Eric.

Gender Bend Disneybounding

In this day and age it is much more accepted to be who you want to be. So if you are a woman but you would love to dress up like a Disney Prince nobody is stopping you. And if they do stop you remember all the things Disney taught you. Be who you want to be and leave the nay sayers to the curb.


Be respectful

Disney is all about love and respect, so be sure to be respectful in your Disneybounding. If you want to do a Lion king Disneybound don’t wear something too revealing because they characters don’t wear clothes. Also don’t go for too realistic, you don’t want to confuse little boys and girls who are looking up to their heros. Be a role model but don’t ruin it for others.

Fashion is expensive

Fashion and specialised fashion can be very expensive when you buy it at the store. But I urge you to look at Wish and Aliexpress. These are chinese based webshops who sell amazing cosplay fashion. Asia is amazing at making inexpensive clothing which looks good. It might fall apart after 6 months, but if you had spent less than 10 bucks on it you actually spent over 1 dollar a month for it.

A lot of people don’t trust Chinese sellers. But let me promise you, it is just as safe as buying from western webshops. You just need to be sure you buy a larger size because Asians are generaly smaller in size than people from the west. Also be sure to search the comments, not everything will be stellar, but there are beauties among the trash and it is becoming better each day.

Personal Wardrobe

Me and my Disney Princess are aiming to make our wardrobe a Disney wardrobe where we can still wear our Disneybounding in normal life aswel as we visit the parks. But be warned, when you start looking for Disneybound clothes you might get addicted.


It is a lot of fun to dress up as your favorite characters. It’s also really addictive to get your outfits together and show them to the world. Everybody can do it and everybody should do it, no matter the figure you might have. But be apropiate and don’t ruin dreams.



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