Disneybounding: How to start

Disneybounding is a very exciting way to show your love for your favorite characters. It is also a great way to show your fashion sense and creativity.

But how can you get started? Where should you get your clothes?

Authentic vs Modern

First you need to think of what kind of style you want for your Disneybound for your character. It is fun to walk in a dress or a 5 piece suit. But isn’t it also fun to use your casual clothing so you can use it any day of the week?

My Disney Princess has thought of a great way to do a Disneybound fotoshoot in my favorite style. We are going to do a Hard Rock Mickey and Minnie Disneybound.

So not only are we going for a modern version of our favorite characters, we are giving it a distinctive style.

Thrift Stores

If you don’t have a money tree in your backyard it can be hard to find great clothes that could be part of your Disneybounding experience. But thrift stores can be an amazing affordable way to find great clothing for a very cheap price.

Yes it is second hand, and it might be out of style for the current fashion trends, but you might find the perfect clothing for your ideas. And you can get many more items for a smaller price than normal stores.


While primark isn’t everywhere in the world, they are rapidly expanding throughout the world. Currently dominant in Europe and currently expanding in the US, Primark is perfect for Disneybounding. Just yesterday me and My Disney Princess found a perfect polka dot pants for our travel to Disneyland Paris next month.

Primark is an inexpensive way to get clothes that speak to the imagination. Just don’t expect the clothing to last for years. They are cheaply made, but they also sell it for the cheapest prices. The polka dot pants was only 10 euros, while at other stores you’d pay 30-40 for the exact same pants.


Wish is a very addictive website, they’ve got everything a cosplayer needs. Disneybounding is ofcourse not cosplay, but Wish sells clothing that can be perfect for your Disneybounding needs.

For example, for my Flynn Rider Disneybound I’ve found a perfect woolen vest for only 22 euros. If I went to a specialised shop I’d spend between 50 and 150 euros for the same style of vest.

The majority of sellers are from Asia, so when you order something make sure to see if it is a European or Asian size. Whenever you see that something goes up to 5XXL you’ll automatically know it is an Asian size. So be sure to go up one or two sizes.

The good thing about Wish.com is that they have a good customer service that comes back to you as fast as they can and, when possible, in your own language.

Ali Express

AliExpress is a website where they sell amazing cosplay items that can help with your Disneybounding. Where Wish has trusted sellers, AliExpress is a place where everyone can sell. So you will see a lot of the same products but for different prices. But beware some sellers use other peoples images to make their product look better.

You will have to really search to find the gems among the trash, but in my experience it is more than worth the search. Be sure to search the comments and see where the problems are.

One of the biggest draws of Ali Express is that most sellers don’t ask for delivery costs, so your already insanely cheap products are even cheaper.


Disneybounding doesn’t have to be expensive, with some searching and digging you will find your perfect outfits for the fraction of the price.

Just be sure to check recommendations and reviews, because something that looks cheap can be bad. Sometimes it can be a gem between the trash.

Keep looking for your awesome Disneybounding fashion and have a lot of fun wearing it!


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