Disneybounding: First Photoshoot

Yesterday we did our very first photoshoot in on of our favorite local places. A couple century old Dutch fort as protection for Amsterdam. Nowadays it is a local tourist attraction, and amazingly beautiful. If you are ever in The Netherlands you should consider visiting this awesome place.

Choosing the perfect Disneybound

For our first photoshoot we decided to go with the most classic of Disney that you can get as a couple. Mickey and Minnie. But we wanted to give it a little twist, a little spark of our own. So we decided to go Punk Rock Mickey and Minnie.
Because this is the start of our Disneybounding lifestyle we didn’t have a lot of Disneybounding clothes yet, so we went with what we had. And it turned out great!
We recently bought some polka dot pants for My Disney Princess that would be perfect for a Minnie Disneybound. So in combination with a black top, a leather jacket and a cute bow, My Disney Princess was ready!
For me it was a bit of a reversed Disneybound. Black pants, black DIY Mickey shirt and red plaid buttoned shirt.

Finding perfect photo locations

A big part of a photoshoot is location, location and location. What kind of light do you get? Are there people around that might interfere, and more importantly, would you annoy people with your photoshoot?


Finding locations like that is a day task itself. How does the light react on the picture? Is it safe enough?

we had a moment where My Disney Princess wanted me to sit on a very high wall, and the Little Monster wanted to copy me.

So safety first, we had to hold back the Little monster from falling several feet. He was less enthusiastic about our choice of saving him. But that give us the perfect mommy/son moment we could ever hope for!


The Wild Card

Having a kid with you on a photoshoot is a bit of a wild card. The Little Monster has autism and he lives in his own perfect little world. So we can’t just say take a seat and stay there for 10 minutes because mommy wants to take some pictures.

But when taken advantage of this wild card, you can get some amazing picture opportunities. We of course can predict a little bit what he will do, so whenever we see him walk up to one of us, we tried to get the perfect picture.


Take some time off for fun!

Because we had the Little Monster, we knew that we couldn’t just spend an hour per location. So at some time when the Little Monster had enough of our picture taking we decided to take a little break and have a couple of snacks at the local playground.

Social Media

We took between 90 and 120 photo’s yesterday, not all stellar, not all were worthy, but most turned out pretty amazing. I can’t post them all here of course, so if you would love to see them you can follow us on Instagram.


It was so much fun to do this photoshoot together, but we did run into a problem. Pictures taken as a couple always turn into selfies. So next time we are going to ask one of our close friends and family to do the pictures for us. We want to make this as professional as possible, while having as much fun as possible!


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