Disneybounding: It’s all about the details

When Disneybounding it is easy to just focus on colors, but what makes a Disneybound great are the details. From jewelry to a scarf, any little detail can make a great Disneybound an amazing Disneybound! Let’s explore Disneybounding it’s all about the details!


When Disney designs characters they go all out to make a character stand out in the crowd, and that is what you should do with your Disneybound too. You don’t need to be in full costume, but the joyful colors combined with great detail is something to focus on. And before you know it, people will be focussing on your hard work as well.

Snow White


Lady Damfino Instagram

This amazing Disneybound screams Snow White in all the good reasons. From the colors to the details, but which details makes this an amazing Disneybound?

From bottom to top she looks amazing. The bow in her hair does not exactly look like Snow White’s, but in my opinion that is what makes it great. She gave her own twist to the bow, which gives it character.

Her glasses are of course not from Snow White, but it looks like it resembles the love that Snow White has. The glasses also gives it an amazing 1950’s feel.

The collar is perfectly done, Snow white has a really high collar which in no way is this day and age, but using it this way is a perfect example of a modern age Disneybound.

Snow White doesn’t have a belt, but this belt is like glue to the whole Disneybound, it fits perfectly in the modern setting of the 1950’s and yet also 2019.

Peggy Carter


Lady Damfino Instagram

For those who do not know, Peggy Carter is an MCU character of Marvel and the girlfriend of Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America. The brilliance of this one is how fast you can recognise it as Peggy Carter. The red hat and blue dress and white bag resembles America, (red, white and blue) while not kitschy at all!

The details are a little more subtle, although the hat is a dead give away. Not many people would match a blue dress with a red hat, but it does look amazing.

Her hairstyle is what screams 1940, and you can see that it took a lot of work to make it perfect.

All in all it looks like someone who goes to a fancy party, but a fan knows it right away, and that’s a perfect example of a great Disneybound.

Mickey Mouse


Going for the ultimate classic, Mickey Mouse. If he didn’t have his bowtie it wouldn’t be so obvious. But that’s why the bowtie is an amazing detail to this Disneybound. You could see him walking around and you’d be like: “Hey, that reminds me of Mickey!”.

His yellow shoes make a great addition to this Disneybound, because Mickey and Minnie both wear yellow shoes. Combining that with white laces make the shoes pop more with the red and black as counterparts.

It’s just a shame he did not go for white gloves, because that would have made this Disneybound perfect! But then again, this looks like it was taken in the US, so with the heat I can understand that gloves would have been uncomfortable.


When you go for your Disneybound, make sure you check out all the details of the character and see how your can make your outfit pop! The more love and dedication you will put into it, the more love you will receive from fans appreciating your fashion choices! I hope you have learned more about Disneybounding and why it’s all about the details!


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