Disneybounding vs Cosplay

A lot of people confuse Disneybounding with cosplay, which i get. For people who are not in this lifestyle it might just look like dress up. But in the end it is different like day and night.


When somebody does a Disneybound they dont try to be exactly like the character they are portraying. They use clothing in the colors of the character and use accessories to finish it off.


When you Cosplay you do the opposite, you try to look exactly like the character you are portraying. Every detail has to be exactly right.

Which market is bigger?

You would think that Disneybounding being related to Disney would have the dominant market share. But that is not the case.

With Cosplay being incredibly popular in Asia, it is much easier to find Cosplay items rather than great Disneybound items.

But Disneybound being about fashion it is a lot cheaper to Disneybound than Cosplay.

Why is disneybounding different?

Why cant you just Cosplay Disney characters? While there are lots of people doing Disney cosplays. You are not alowed to cosplay in the Disney Resorts.

That is why fans started Disneybounding. They wanted to show their apreciation of their favorite characters while being in the most magical place in the world.

They found really creative ways of using fashion to do so. You could say that Disneybounding is a modern version of Cosplaying old timey characters.


Whatever you like is up to you. Both have great ways to show your love and apreciation for your favorite characters. But if you want to do it in a Disney Resort, you will need to stick to Disneybounding.


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