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Adult Disney: Preparing for Disneyland Paris


In exactly one month My Disney Princess and I will be traveling to the most magical place in Europe. I’m not just talking about France, I’m talking about Disneyland Paris!


If you’ve ever done a magical trip to the happiest place on earth, you’d know that planning that trip isnt just looking up brochures. It’s your life for the next couple of months.

From finding an affordable place to sleep to where you’ll trow down your hard earned money to eat. This is some real homework you’ll have to do! And that’s not even talking about the parks yet!


We will be traveling from Amsterdam to Disneyland Paris by train. A round ticket for two people cost me 140 euros.

Now that’s a lot of money for a 4 hour trip. You can fly for 180 euros for 2 people I can hear you say. And that’s only an hour flight.

But that’s where you are wrong! It might be cheaper if you think travel wise. But you have to be 2 hours before hand at the airport. Delays are very common, and traveling from the airport to Disneyland paris is ATLEAST an hour.

So not only are you traveling just as long in the end, you need to transfer a bunch. I’d prefer to arrive at Disneyland Paris straight away.


The hotels are pretty good on site, but they are a lot of money. The 2 star hotels start around 240 euro per night and you have a roughly 20 minute walk to the parks. You want to be closer? You’ll need to pay more money.

So I decided to stay off site but close enough to the magic. Vienna Dream Castle was my choice of hotel. It still was a whooping 170 euros per night, but it is also a 4 star hotel.

With the inclusion of a hotel shuttle, the parks are only 10 minutes away. In my opinion that is worth every euro I’ve spend already.


I’m still on quite a tight budget, but luckily Disney provides for all kinds of wallets. But I wont spoil the choice of restaurant just yet, because I know My Disney Princess is reading this. Sorry sweetie!


Planning the trip is 60% of the fun in my opinion. It’s just so awesome to find all the info to make your trip an everlasting memory. Stay tuned for next months blogs. They will all be about our Disney Trip as Disney Prince and Disney Princess!