Disneybound: Punk Rock Minnie and Mickey

Recently my Disney Princess and me did a Punk Rock Minnie and Mickey Disneybound and I wanted to take some time to showcase our best pictures.

Punk Rock Minnie Mouse

We tried to imagine what Minnie Mouse as a punk rocker would look like and what she would be in a band. In my opinion she would be the lead singer.

With a stylish polka dot pants and leather jacket. Minnie would steal the hearts of all the boys and girls in the crowd.

Punk Rock Mickey Mouse

Now Mickey Mouse I’d imagine would be the lead guitarist in the band. After all he is the boss!

Rocking a reverse Mickey Mouse I wore darker pants and a red shirt over a Mickey shirt. Completed with a black guitar.


Who else would be in the band? Donald on drums and goofy on bass. Maybe one day we will do just that!


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