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Disneyworld: My Best Memories

It’s been 14 years since I went to the magical place called Disney World. And ever since I stepped foot back in Amsterdam I’ve always longed to go back. Back to the place I call home. I have some of my best memories there.

Oversea trip

As a European you don’t go to the US that often. So an overseas trip feels like a trip of a lifetime, and it should be, you travel to the other side of the planet.
So for us Europeans, the magical trip starts at the airport.

Flying to Orlando


landing at Orlando International Airport feels like going to another planet when you are young. Everything is huge and there is one similarity to Disney World that excites any European Disney fan. The airport has a monorail!

When you get out of the 8 to 12 hours in your airplane you go trough costums and then you board a monorail that brings you to your luggage. For local Orlando folk this might not be a big deal, but how cool are Monorails?

Staying offsite Disney

My family and I never stayed onsite Disneyworld property. My parents always arranged for an awesome place to stay in the surroundings of Orlando.

But to get there you will need a car. In Europe you can basicaly walk everywhere or use public transport. And yes you can take busses in Orlando to go everywhere. But it’s not as often as you’d like and taking a bus or an Uber to the grocery can be time consuming or expensive. And let’s be honest going on holiday in Orlando isn’t cheap at all!


So at the airport we went to Hertz where our car was reserved. But nearly everytime we went to pick up our car there would be a certain song and dance that would be done.
Our reserved car wouldn’t be available, but we would get an upgrade.
If you know European cars then you know they aren’t made to haul a lot of suitcases around, but to go from A to B and that’s it.

On our first trip there we got car that we thought we’d only see in movies. A lincoln Navigator. All of our suitcases could go in there and we’d still have space to leave our groceries.

Heading to Disney World

When you are heading to the happiest place in the world you will be amazed by how huge Disney World actually is. To give a comparison, the area around Disney World is as big as the city of San Francisco.

Disney World has its own free way system that they regulate themselfs, with a bus system that any major city would be jealous of. So when you enter Walt Disney World you will be in awe how huge it is.

Car Parks

Every Disney Park has it’s own huge car park where you can park your car for a fee. But these car parks are so incredibly huge that you won’t be able to walk to the enterance without spending atleast an half hour walk.
So Disney made some investments to escort you to the front gate with some car/trains. During the ride you will hear a voice telling you “Welcome home in Walt Disney World”. You feel like you are in your first ride of the day! And the wind that is generated from the speed is a nice refreshment in the Floridian sun.

Main Enterance

When coming to a Main Enterance of Disney World at any of the parks, you will feel right at home. All the music that is playing, the enviroment, and the excitement.
Just don’t think you will be the only ones there. Disney World is a real popular holiday location, so any day of the year expect some crowds.

Altough on my last trip, me and my sister went on the first day of school in September and the parks where pretty much deserted. But that was 14 years ago, times have changed!

It’s best to pre-buy your tickets. Not only will you save a lot of money, but you won’t have to stand in an hour long line that will take off from your Disney fun time! And believe me, Time spend queing for tickets is a great waste. There is so much to see!

If you’d like to save a lot of money on tickets I’d suggest that you take a look at MouseSavers. They are leading in saving money on your Disney Trip and have been a trusted website for as long as I can remember!

The Rides

The rides are amazing in Walt Disney World. Your imagination will go wild. But not only on the ride itself, the ques are well thought of for your enjoyment. And the atmosphere with all the music and scenery is something you’d only see in a movie.



I’ve always loved the rides but the ques have always been a problem. An hour wait for a ride is not something you would like, and nowadays those ques can be up to 3 hours on certain rides. Back then we had no idea what Fast Pass was, but if we knew it we would have used it!


There is just so much to do in Disney World, there are so many memories to be made there that there is not enough room for one blog. Expect more to come right down from memory lane. Hopefully I can take My Disney Princess to Disney World one day and make new memories!